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Grandma's Special Pie is a short horror game about a young girl, Angela, who goes to the forest to pick blackberries for her Grandma. Things take a turn for the worst when she ignores the warning of a fluttery friend. She is then faced with new challenges as she faces a new world. Will she survive the world, pass the tests and make a deal? Will she succumb to the darkness of this new world? Or will she fight against the world and her very own nature?

Grandma's Special Pie uses symbolism, extensive lore, and subtle horror to make a beautiful and fascinating world. However, the beauty of the world only masks the dark secrets that lie within. Grandma's Special Pie is a small glimpse into a much larger world. Angela plays a very small role in the expansive world of Lunarium.

The game is currently in development. The developing team consists of me and my sister. She came up with the story and areas. I am in charge of all the art and creating the events. For daily updates, follow us on our tumblr blog --> Grandma's Special Pie

If interested, see the post with all the details here --> Casting Call

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Nice art, I'd like to try it when it comes out.
Looks interesting. Will definitely play when it is released.
God I just love your art style.
Definitely I'm going to play this. Good luck!
God I just love your art style.
Definitely I'm going to play this. Good luck!

Thank you so much! It means a lot ;;;
I was overjoyed by the concept, though looking at the twitter and hearing it's posted on Hiatus is disheartening.

But if you ever take up the mantle again...~! Do let me know.
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