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Seth, an Heir of Time who had made it though a dangerous game and created a new world at the end, has been in a coma for 10 months now.
In his dreams, he has gone through the entire plot of Link's Awakening, and a few other games here and there while trying to recover from a crisis of identity. This crisis had been inflicted by the realization that he had secretly been pushed down a path of neutralization, contrary to his seemingly violent nature.

During the course of the main game, he has painstakingly collected all 8 instruments and presented them to the egg atop Mt. Tamaranch, but something has gone wrong. Instead of opening the way forwards, the power of the instruments somehow made Seth fall even deeper into his coma, making him descend in the underworld.

Upon arriving, he is greeted by "Thanatos", the robed figure who keeps track of all the souls who make the tower their final resting place. The tower is completely populated by doomed past versions of Seth. In other words: every time he either should have died or could have died, there is a version of him that did in fact die that way and appeared there. To keep down confusion between each other, they all have unique nicknames, or aliases. Because of his position as the Seth of the alpha timeline, his alias is "Alpha". ("Thanatos" happens to also be a Seth too.)

Surprisingly though, Alpha Seth is still alive. Obviously, he doesn't belong here... yet. He'd rather get out of here alive before then though.

Can Seth get out of the underworld and solve the mystery of why he was sent there in the first place?

Notes: this game is meant to be a companion to a narrative let's play of Link's Awakening (located here) and might not make sense in places unless outside context is known.
It should be playable straight-in however. Also, in case it wasn't obvious, it takes place within the same vague setting as Homestuck, though no explicit characters from the actual webcomic show up in this game, only original characters created to fit within the setting.
RTP is required.

Latest Blog

Testing stuff (continued)

Demo 1.2.1 is up for testers, however there is currently only one who had decided to undertake this task so far.
As it stands, the main story is virtually clear of bugs, aside from minor complaints and needed embellishments. The epilogue itself is what is in the most need for bugtesting.
If you have an ending code from the content folder after playing through the game, it can be used to access the epilogue in 1.2.1, no matter which ending or version you got it from. Those that have played through the original release would be preferred for bug-testing in this case, as they will be able to skip to the epilogue much faster.
Please inquire via PM here or on discord if you are interested. Thank you.


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In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Seems interesting enough of a concept. I'll give this a whirl sometime soon, and might write a review if I liked it. =)
The TM is for Turtle Motivator
LavenderSiren, it looks like deleted your primary download without setting a new primary. We can't review the game.
let me see if I can figure that out, because I only uploaded it once and I don't remember deleting it...

EDIT: I didn't see that button there. It should work now!
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