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This was actually my Halloween project, buuuut I'm kind of late huh? Yeah very. Anyway, I didn't discard the project, as too much work went into it. It's a shame I could not finish in time. Most of the time spent on this game was coding the VABS v2.0(Verifyed Action Battle System).
Good news though, I've finally finished! Well, not the game, but the ABS.

This project's main focus is the ABS. I want to get feedback on it, from what I should improve on to what I should discard ...

(BTW I made the Title screen music myself, with Anvil Midi Studio ... I'm quite proud of it, I'd like to hear what people think about that as well.)

I'll add why I credit these people later, but I'm so tired right now!

Great Red Spirit:
Display numbers

8bit sounds

Menu bars

Cursor Hand

Wow ... so many things:
Message system
Pop up msgs
Path finding
Many more ...

Light effects

Lots of help with displaying numbers

Item found message

Awesome menu

Hp bar display

The making of this game is on hold, for now (Hence the Hiatus)
When I get things sorted out, I will get right back on it and finish my baby :)

Latest Blog

Video of the ABS has been added !!!111

I've added a video of the ABS in action!:

If you still see the message "No videos have been added yet." That is a lie and it is pending approval :(
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  • 01/09/2009 11:37 AM
  • 08/27/2017 03:43 AM
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Sounds cool Rasta. Can't play it now but i will late tonight.
I'm sorry about the size of the download ... It's because I wanted to include the RTP so people couldn't complain about the download not working :P ... again, sorry. Just download it in the backround, if you have poor download speeds, do it while your doing something else :D thanks
lol my internet is fast so it didn't take that long.
Gamers don't die, they respawn.
You know that glitch I mention to ya in PM, well you can by pass it by going with the south event. Also, the ABS is kind of buggy as when I tried to attack, nothing happens so I was stuck with having Gonal doing all the work. Even when I accidentally hit Gonal is showed the damaged but it didn't take anything away.
Gamers don't die, they respawn.
Oh, and another bug I forgot to mention is, when going back to the first map, Gonal begins on what I dub as the "charger," and thus begins to kill us...
Wow lol I like that you are finding these bugs, I thought that there weren't that many. The "charger" hmmm, does he actually chase you and try to kill you? Because that's impossible since there are no enemies on the map, his A.I. should tell him no one is in sight :|

Gonal doesn't take damage from your attacks mainly because that was when i was in testing i didn't want eiehter of us accidently dying ... dammit i should have removed it.

Ortho's fireball only has hit detection for 5 monsters, the other ones i forgot to put on, i mainly focused on Gonal since her fireball is pretty slow. I apologize, i should have coded that
Gamers don't die, they respawn.
No, he stands on the red MP Charger. Enough said. XP
Rofl, just looked at my code, apparently that was a blue MP charger and not a red one, but apparently apparently Gonal's coding makes the party lose hp regardless of the points being blue or red ... so yeah that's a bug on my part, thanks for pointing that out.
Cool game, I especially loved the well-made menu screen and the music. Going for an action based combat system? Hmm good luck to you then, its not the easiest thing to accomplish, but its a welcome change to the original turn-based Rpgs. Just try to limit the number of different shortcuts for skills - noone wants to memorise dozens of shortcuts ;p. An option to assign shortcuts to skills would be great!
P.S. Found a small bug, in one of the houses (the one with the bones outside), you could walk in the tile of the stairs(you have to press space to do so, dunno why) and then go left, in which point you became stuck (coulsn't move in any direction) and had to restart.
Oh I didn't even see your comment :P Thanks for playing my game btw :)
I'll definitely have an option to assign skills to shortcuts and not make it too complicated.

Also, Haha! That bug was some ascension thing i was trying out, trying to make it seem like you were walking up stairs rather than just walking on a "Stairs" tile, It's kind of hard to explain, but I just discarded the idea and obviously never discarded the event -_-" DOH! Thanks for reminding me, I'll remove it.
And glad to hear you enjoyed the game!
It's cute, Rasta. I liked it, and I submitted a nice review for you in hopes of bolstering your spirit, and ratings. ;)
I am pretty interested in hooking up sometime. Screw me.
The game was very, very fun. I stumbled upon some glitches (including one that made me able to ignore passability and walk over everything), but the tutorial was fun, and the system is interesting. :)
Post the glitches please :) (If you remember them that is)
But glad to know you thought it was fun!
i get its on hatias but can you send me a copy of the un encripted files? id love to take the abs and semi voice acting :D as well as the lovly npc behaivor. you would get credit of corse.
What do you do when you have to beat the "monsters" at the village which are kids playing Trick or treat?
And how are you able to have over 4 lines of text???
Can you tell me where I can get the menu script???
This was great! I love the abs. I'm not sure if it is a glitch but sometimes my fireball moves the wrong way. I sometimes stand in one direction and it shoots out backwards. I'm guessing there is a little delay when I'm at the same time switching the wait and follow modes. Any hoo... Great game! Looking forward to it being completed.
weird demo. The plot was... dumb. Other than that I think the game's main focus was the custom action battle system. It reminded me of secret of mana. Which is not a good thing. In that game, usually when your allies are run by the AI, they get killed fast and end up as dead weight. Not a problem in this demo since you dont ever get attacked but that's a big problem with AI teammates in an ABS. Though the fact that someone made a secret of mana style ABS in RMVX is very cool. The only glitch I remember is that sometimes gonal would follow you while targeting someone, which I don't think is an intended feature. There's also the issue where you have to manually cycle thru every enemy in the map until you can have gonal target the 'correct' enemy. That's a big problem. Honestly though I don't think rpgmaker would be the best engine to use this kind of battle system. Action RPG's in general are poorly handled by Rpgmaker.
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