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Rasta's Game Review

First thoughts;
Story-line; Not sure what the games about from the description but I got that its a halloween project that focus on Rasta VABS v2.0 (Verifyed Action Battle System). I guess this means it will be a game about running around battle kids for candy or battling zombies till midnight.

Screenshots; The screens look like the game can flow, Nice little mini map, meters, and a status screen, I like the look of the game. From what i've heard you can't import in VX and the screens look like the chipsets were used nicely, So bravo.

Not a bad game, but I had trouble with the graphics and a error presented itself, So i couldnt finish the game, but I've played enough

Concept; You are a alien along with a partner who were banished from your planet for caring about human. Your on earth and mistake human children as beast. Killing these "Beast" to save humans if the goal of the game.

Graphics; Graphics werent bad. I was able to play with out it hurting my eyes, but if dark lighting is a problem raise the brightness on your screen.

Sound; I dont care much about a games soundtrack and nothing big stood out in this game, good or bad. So decide for yourself

Playablity; Simple once you get into a groove but the control can be troubling at first. Make sure you understand the controls for sure during the tutorial.

Entertainment; I defently want to play this game to the end. So it is for sure entertaining

Reply value; Moderate

my score; 7/10

Note; I had a better review but my flash drive ereased some of it, So sorry if its kinda simple


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What error presented itself? I'd like to know so i can fix it >:O
Just some errors with the battle graphics, I think its cause I dont have RTP, but it only shows the error some times, so im not sure what it is yet. I'll get back to you about it.
Please do! I gotta figure it out before i add anything
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