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  • Fully fleshed multi-path story featuring realistic reactions and human development in protagonist.(Make the protagonist who youwant them to be in a believable fantasy world

  • Base/Town building. While not every town you come across just happens to need your help to rebuild, a cave/fort base building system for yourself (depending on choices in game) and/or rebuilding a city (depending on choices in game). This would include other things such as assigning NPC's tasks and farming.

  • Calendar system; Don't you hate when everyone is in the same exact place, doing exactly the same thing you saw them doing last time you were somewhere? Yeah, me too.

  • Openclass system - Not locked into one classes abilities.

  • New Game+ with bonuses or affects based upon previous game that doesn't require to be at the end of the story.

  • Attachable augments, disassembling old items, item synthesis, multiple currencies, ect,ect. While I could attempt to do this in game naturally, these scripts already exist! And for use freely, as well. I already know that how much of a backbone they act as and would give them a fair share of profits, but they don't know that and I'm not worried about that until the end of the project. (love you Yanfly!)

  • Multiple party members - Based on choices, you may never meet or fight with.

  • Game Seed Generation - Each person that starts a new game will experience altered events, events with different choices, or different chance based outcomes based on a randomly generated seed at the start of your game. While the core story is the driving force, no two play throughs for a single person would be identical.

Latest Blog

Rework And Rename

Man, it's been a while, and life got busy.
I'm back at it with full time effort after a few weeks of brainstorming and finding out if this would work, I have reworked what I had set up, started from scratch and began anew again.

Most of what I would have wanted to post here is already on the main page for Scarlet, though the screenshots are outdated now.

I plan on doing weekly blogs, not really for the sake of anything as I don't think anyone will really read this, but for keeping my thoughts organized. It's like a diary or journal; sometimes it's just good to write things out.

See you all next week.