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Ganbatte! Homeroom-sensei!! is about the titular protagonist Homeroom-sensei, who is assigned as advisor of Class 2-C. Unfortunately, Class 2-C is (in)famous for being pro-procrastinators. Whilst Homeroom-sensei is new to the job, he's been in the teaching profession for many years now, and he'll be damned if he can't set these kids right.

The Cultural Festival is right around the corner, and as expected Class 2-C among others, is so very far behind! Things take a turn for the worse when new problem arises for the class; from elusive uniforms to rampaging sound systems. At this rate, Homeroom-sensei's students will have nothing to show for! Thankfully, Homeroom-sensei is there to solve everything.


Homeroom Sensei
"How this scary-looking man is a Teacher is a mystery. Well, to be fair, his passion and dedication is inspiring."

"Don't let his cute innocence fool you. He literally packs a punch. Take care, his heart is made of glass."

"Whether his optimism is out of pure naivety or idiocy. He knows to keep on going even when the going gets tough."

"From citing tropes to spouting memetic jargon. The party isn't the same without him to save the day."


+ A quirky colorful cast! Paying homage to many anime tropes and archetypes
+ Puzzles and Minigames! Help Sensei and co. solve their way out of problems
+ A total of 3 Endings! Plus unlockable and bonus artworks!!

Scripts: | Yanfly | Tsukihime | Galv | VM of DT | JV | Quack |
More to be added~

Ganbatte! Homeroom Sensei!! is the official title of the game.
This is a side project I've been working on as a means of experimenting with RTP graphics via Parallax Mapping as well as spriting behavior poses, and also familiarizing myself with Ruby.

The game is planned to be short and fun, cute and fluffy.

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Haha, this looks great :D Those character names are literally perfect! Subbed!~
Thanks Frogge! hahaha I originally planned the name to be the japanese equivalent. Kawai-chan, Megane-kun, Ahoge-san, etc..

But decided to go with their direct english translation to keep that wacky and silly atmosphere. Glad you like it!
Certified Godot convert.
Unfortunately, Class 2-C is (in)famous for being pro-procrastinators

Subbed... and our whole school beats their pro-procrastinating despite being an elitist(?) school.
Thanks KatanaHiroshi, lol school life isn't the same without procrastination, and the occassional cramming. But as they say; the best ideas pop up on the last minute. ;)
It looks good :O Btw, I love games about school life. Subbed~
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