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...::: Storyline and Setting :::...

Engalia, a nation steeped in ancient lore that's dotted with uncountable ruins from civilisations passed. Flanked to the north by uninhabitable, snow-covered tundra, and to the south by arid deserts that only disparate, savage tribes call home, Engalia is the largest kindgom of man known in the modern era. Ruled by a fair and courteous Queen, and having been at peace for more than a generation, Engalia's recent prosperity has lead to an influx of skilled sellswords and adventurers willing to plunge into the depths of caves, caverns and ruins that were all but ignored during past times of war.

This story follows three such sellswords, Zack, Burns and Albert, as they approach the northern town of Isedonia. A snow-covered settlement located between vast, labyrinthine forests and multiple mountain ranges, Isedonia is the northernmost settlement in Engalia and has a reputation for being a slow-paced getaway from the bustling, metropolitan centres of the country. However, not everything in the town is as sleepy as it first seems, with the kidnapping of the town priest's son being the latest in a recent spate of strange occurrences. It's this priest, an old friend of Albert, who's invited the trio to the town to help him recover his child...

...::: Gameplay, Features and Comments :::...

Engalia: Before The Wager is a short RPG featuring a traditional active-time battle system, custom smithing and alchemy systems, a dozen optional quests, NPC dialogue that responds to your progress, a whole bunch of puzzle sequences, and a vast, open-world landscape full of both friends and foes. And hell, it might even have something resembling a proper story!

Latest Blog

Random Battles, But Limited Experience...

I've been working on the battle-result screen for this game. I normally wouldn't mind using the default battle-result messages, but I wanted to add a mechanic to this game that limits the amount of experience you can gain from a given area, and this is only possible with a set of custom menus. The reason I'm doing this is because it gives me more control over what level the player can possibly be at any given point, which in turn makes it easier for me to balance the game. However, it's actually inspired by a skateboarding game, Thrasher: Skate and Destroy, where repeatedly doing the same tricks in the same area of a map will yield less and less points. I guess we have to take inspiration from wherever we can!

Now I just need to make a load of images for all the item names that you can win in battles, and numbers for everywhere that they appear, and coding that puts those numbers in the correct places, and so on and so on and fml.


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The all around prick
Interesting! I know it's a prequel, but will a newcomer be lost to the plot intricacies here? Or would this a good starting point?
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
There aren't any plot intricacies. Engalia: The Wager was made really quickly, it doesn't really have a plot.
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ G a y ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
Rpg maker 2k3 rtp
sitting on a tree
I wanna play this
please impress me.

Though I suppose you already did with the screenshots. I'll play this when it comes out :D
Is this another golden week of gammak?
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring and endorse this game. It's always nice to see more RTP done right.
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
Is this another golden week of gammak?

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