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It's the year 516. Humans rule the world. The other races are near extinction. Magic has almost diminished. The king in the southern regions of Sura has made a decree to kill all remaining elves. Many elves fearful for their lives have fled the south, heading north. While the people there are not hospitable to the elves, it's the only chance their race has for survival. It's the hope of the elves that if they can get enough of their people to the far northern region of the continent that their race will survive. This is the story of an elf that has made it past the south of Sura and is trying to find where the rest of her kind has gone.

Game Features:
High Fantasy Graphics
Animated Battlers
640 x 416 Screen Resolution
1-2 Hours of Game Play

Fan art by Archeia_Nessiah

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  • Completed
  • SunflowerGames
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 08/12/2016 05:42 PM
  • 07/17/2019 12:20 PM
  • 08/22/2016
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Played it, finished it and liked it. I wish it was longer. I also wish it continued after Aelwyn reaches the other elves. Oh well, it was still enjoyable to play, so thank you for making this game. What I liked the most was the HP and MP regen after every battle. That aspect always annoys me in RPGs and is only a useless time-waster that prolongs grinding and adds no strategic depth to combat, so well done on that decision.

The encounter rate was very high, but at least escape chance seemed to be 100% so I suppose that was an acceptable compromise.

My suggestions to improve it (if you still care about it):

1) Exp cap is hit too soon, I was max level by the time I fought the dragon. And he gives lots of exp and elixir of secrets. Too bad they're useless by then. Perhaps the level cap should be raised to 20 (since there's still plenty battles after that) and secret potions and elixirs could be reworked into something else, like permanent stats increases for secret elixirs and temporary in-battle stat boosters (long duration or lasting for the whole battle) for secret potions.

2) A traveling merchant should be added before the final battle (maybe selling secret potions with the aforementioned changes plus other consumables and gear), so all the gold can be actually used for something. I had over 2000 gold not used anywhere, I had already bought everything I could at the village (including from chest game.)

3) Balance issues. Enrage and Final Strike are overpowered, they need to be toned down. This is just a matter of numbers, even a cut of 50% in their effectivness would probably bring them in line with everything else. The elemental damage spell (fire, ice, bolt) become almost immediately useless. By the time The Wall joined I had stopped using them since attack power was quickly overtaking magic power, even if we consider elemental weaknesses.

4) No incentive to play on harder difficulty. Considering there's also stealing involved on bosses (and they give good stuff) Easy difficulty seems to be the path of least resistance just to be outfitted. Stealing can take a few turns and sitting duck (waiting to steal everything) on higher difficulties against bosses is just a no-go. Maybe there should be an exp/gold modifier and additional drops for higher difficulties.
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Thanks for playing this game. This game was an experiment in using the High Fantasy graphics + animated battlers. I has a real difficult time mapping using the assets. And the script for the animated battlers wasn't very easy to use, with constant crashes for practically the smallest things.

I thought about including more in the story about prior and after the event, but I felt what was told in this story was self contained enough. This game requires more from the player to determine the rest of the story. Also, the story may be called Aelwyn's Journey, but without "The Wall" there really isn't anything else to it.

Download, going to give it a try. Might even review too. Looks like a short and interesting game worth playing.
I've actually got pretty far in this game. The game is pretty balanced in terms of battling and I stuck to normal mode. The battling is simple and effective perfect for anyone to get used to. The game got dramatically harder as I got closer to reaching the supposed new settlement of the elves. I haven't finished it though but I do plan to give this a review.
The most beautiful user on RMN!

There's skills at the end game that should let you man handle the enemies near the end of the game. The final boss sequence is challenging to say the least.
Hey Kory, I reviewed your game in the end. Was a good experience, I hope you enjoy it.
Short RPG. Mostly easy until the final boss. I was unsure of using final strike on the 4 guys because the covering soldier might take all 12 blows, though I havent tried it to see if that was actually the case. So I did the battle without using it. And it was pretty hard since the potions heal too few, 2-3 guys hitting the girl will easily negate a potion. But the fight wasnt too difficult. There's also not much going on in the game. You keep going up till you get to the end. It's a pretty simple RPG using a fancy DLC resource pack. Good game.
The most beautiful user on RMN!

I tried to make the combat hard by making it so you couldn't blindly attack enemies, especially bosses. Some skills are very necessary to use: Guard / Cover / Counter, etc... Once you get to the max level you can buff yourself and use your strongest attack to pretty much kill anything.
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