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Once upon a time in a tower by the sea, there lived a powerful wizard and his family. The wizard loved his two children and his wife dearly, and every day, they enjoyed each others company, but one day, the wizard's wife grew ill. He used all of the magic he could to save her, but alas, nothing could stop her death. After a time, he remarried a great sorceress. The sorceress, however planned to steal the wizard's powers and make them her own. Stealing his will and his love for others, she made him a mindless puppet. With no love for his children or his late wife, his family fell into despair.

Melora once wrote in her diary every day, but now she has grown, and become trapped inside. Quest throughout the pages of a diary in a kingdom created by the dreams of a young girl, terrorized by a dragon. In a land of paper and ink, not all is as it appears, and the connection between the diary and the real world becomes stronger as the quest wears on. Face enemies from the recesses of your hidden fears, but remember: in a land made from the pages of a book, your greatest weapons are not swords, but words.

  • Hand drawn parallaxes

  • Unique, but simple word magic-based battle system

  • Multiple story endings

  • Original music

Story by: pianotm, oddRABBIT, Rose_Guardian, OzzytheOne, and Liberty.

Parallaxes and sprites by pianotm
Character art and design by Rose_Guardian
Story script by oddRABBIT
Battle system by OzzytheOne

Liberty must be given a place of honor, our previous team-member before having to drop out. This story would not exist without her.

Latest Blog

Bleeding is not Good for You. (Game update uploaded.)

A new update has been added to the game. The update doesn't address all issues, but it does eliminate the immediate problems in gameplay. Notably, bleeding caused regeneration. It now properly causes HP reduction. Also, in the treasure chest room, there are multiple battle events, but the player only goes through one. Not all battle events recovered health. They do now.

There is still quite a bit of polishing to do on the battle system, for example, I didn't want there to be an MP gauge, but that's all stuff that's going to require a bit of development, though the MP gauge could be removed easily, that's not what I'm most interested in. Rather, I'd like to redesign the system to fall more in line with what I envisioned.

Anyway, this update should not have any serious bugs, anymore.


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Guardian of the Description Thread
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
by the sea

Insta sub
This sounds and looks very promising. Will definitely try this one out when it's finished. Looking forward to hear your music as well, Piano!
You're magical to me.
Best of luck! :D I'll be following this one, too :DDDDD
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Thank you all, so much!
Jack of Most Trades
Hmm, it looks really nice (I especially like how everything is hand-drawn!) but I seem to be stuck on this scene:

Future Ruler of Gam Mak
@mjshi Thanks for pointing that out! A fixed version will be up shortly!

EDIT: Ok, the fixed version is up. Anymore bugs, please, notify us! -_-)b
Reminiscent of old-school adventure games on my first PC, hence it brought some good memories. Looks nice!
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