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Spring Update

Today's the first day of Spring! I thought I'd take this opportunity to update the RMN crowd on things.

Development has been steady since the Kickstarter ended and the game is probably around half finished overall.

The spritework is done, the last two outfits for the portraits are being finished this very minute, and the backgrounds are long done.

Currently I'm working almost exclusively on writing the story, which is about 60% done now. It's taken a while to get the story typed out while trying to accommodate the various paths I want to include in the game, but it's working out.

I'm not going to be making many huge updates on RMN, but I did want to know any curious fans that the game is still moving forward on a regular basis!

If you want to keep up to date with my progress, Kickstarter is still the best place to go.

Thanks for the support everyone!