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The World Tower is a gigantic tower which contains everything that the people who live in it will ever need. It is an entirely self sufficent community, in fact, no one who lives in the tower has ever been outside of it. Life in the tower is heavily regulated under the authority of Lord Bass. Conformity and obedience to the regulations is considered vital. There is very little room for personal choice though don't suffer and seem to be fairly happy. Many are pleased with the unity and safety the society provides and there is a general feeling that individual desires should be sacrificed for the good of the whole. When children reach a certain age they are forced to leave thier parents for the children's floor to be "educated." They are not permitted to leave thier specific section of the floor and the children's floor is off limits to the rest of the tower. One child, Jayson Fratello, became fed up with being seperated from his family and he somehow busted out. He Makes his way back to his home and is reunited with his mother. The two then set out to reunite thier family even while thier own society aims to keep them apart, and while they are excercising thier own small, private, rebellion, a much larger, more serious, and perhaps even dangerous rebellion looms in the shadows...

-no random battles
-learn additional spells by finding carefully hidden spellbooks and returning them to thier owner
-all areas directly connected (no world map)
-uses Etoiler's monsters and face sets
-NPCs move to completely different areas depending on the player's progression
-earn additional money by doing favors for NPCs
-uses scripts allowing party members to follow you and faces to appear in battle
-No RTP default music


Version 1.6 coming soon (probably by the time you read this

this version includes a completely reworked first dungeon so if you quit early because you just couldn't stand its terrible awfulness (I understand if you did, it was quite bad)then you might want to check out 1.6 when it comes out. I playtested it myself and that first area requires alot less back tracking, is easier/less tedious, and much less generic looking now

Latest Blog

Version 1.6 officially available

demo version 1.6 has just been officially accepted

so go and download it why don't ya?

its basically the same as 1.5


the terrible first dungeon has been completely reworked in its look, layout, and battles

if you exited early because of its awfulness then go ahead and give this game antother try, I promise that dungeon is 100 times more bearable now
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I do like the storyline,hopefully a demo will come out
thanks, I've made good progress lately and I expect to be done with the demo in a couple of weeks
I thought you said you put up the demo ... Looks like it's not there. :|
I said I would in a week or two

my current estimate is 8 days
I made really good progress today, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get as much done tomarrow and I might just get the demo out before my estimate
Mapping looks pretty good. I just hope you incorparate a Side View Battle Script.
Looking forward to playing this. I'll Review this when it comes out.
I'm not planning to use side view at the moment because I'm not too crazy about it (it makes the enemies all look like giants)

I do like the idea of actually being able to see the charecters on screen so I might try it out before I release the completed game
No random Battles!!!!!
I have to download this. XP
Yoshi, seriously. How am I suppose to beat that damned soldier (The one by the elevator I think)
make sure you are level 2 and you have at least 2 cherries before you fight him
The difficulty wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to run all the way back to get more cherries. I died at the soldier and said "fuck it" because I forgot to save, at all. ):
nuuu ;___;

the game picks up after you beat him so try it again later when you're bored (and save this time)

I suppose I could add in an autosave or somthing before him but I can't really bring myself to make him any easier, since he just seems so easy to me, all you have to do to beat him is be level 2 and have healing items

you basically have to approach this game with a different mind set then most RPGs since it keeps in mind that nothing is stopping you from re-supplying yourself whenever you want, it therefore expects you to. Never chat up a crystal without a healing item is what I'm saying I guess
I think my biggest mistake in that first part is making those winding paths, the later areas in the game take less time to back track
You could always just make another shopkeeper near the end. Plus just make a notification to save before the guard fight. Otherwise I'm liking the general light hearted feeling to this game.
I'll be sure to make a sort of save notification thingy at that point then
k everyone I totally fixed that intro dungeon so be sure to play 1.6, especially people who were mad at this section of 1.5

I want feedback on if I improved it or not
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