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There is something peculiar about this game.

The world is blocky and colorless, robotic martinets roam the streets, NPCs have no faces or features to speak of, and a plague of strange,abstract monstrosities have washed over the unused, abandoned parts of the game.

In this world, an omniscient voice speaks to you through a screen on the wall and tells you that you have a job and that you are to do it. He claims to be the Narrator, and that what he says is absolutely true, no matter what.

But there is a deeper level to the game that you don't notice at first. Some NPCs are rising up against the Narrator and his Admins. The code of the game itself seems to be falling apart. Was this how the game was always meant to be? Or is something else going on here?

This game encourages you to try and go against the game itself. Level direction is often times misleading, puzzles don't always have clear solutions, and not everything is as it seems.

Dive into this surreal, 1984-inspired take on game development and discover that not everything is as black and white as you would be lead to believe.

Special Note: this game was originally called "Black/White: Renegade." I decided to change the name because several people I talked to remarked on how similar it was to another game series called BlackWhite as well. So now it's Monochrome.

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  • 08/22/2016 12:52 AM
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Sweet game, I finished it now.
Just some thoughts: I think it isn't clear enough that there are multiple endings.
Also, it's possible to kill the last boss with the Shut Off Button item.

First off, thanks a lot! I appreciate it.

Secondly, really? Not clear enough? I could look for ways to make it seem that way. But in a way, the game kinda expects you to assume there is one ending when there really isn't.

And yes, the Shut Off button can be used on the Final Boss. That's why you gotta use it wisely: you can really use it on anybody, but once it's gone, then it's gone.

Anyway, thanks a ton!
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