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Mura Oni's Development

I'm really grateful that Mura Oni was finally able to make it onto this website. It's been a while but it's finally here. A little short story, when I first uploaded this game onto here, it was taking a long while and turns out it was because despite me uploading three images, I didn't link them to the game and so the game was uploaded with no images attached (I'm still new to this site so I'm not completely sure how to control parts of my game's page and submission).

Anyway, I really hope you people enjoy the game. It's been a while and I've been working on it for a while. The two-year anniversary of when I first started this game had passed last month and so I'm really excited to share this experience.

Also, remember... Please play both paths if you want a full story. The game has two BIG endings and I wouldn't want you to miss any of those two (the other endings are just small bad endings that you could call trivial and irrelevant).

Anyway, have fun!

~ Kaj