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Legrand Legacy v2.0

Hello, Legrandians!

Thanks to the feedback and recommendations from you guys, we’ve finished our complete rewrite of the games script, fixed a few bugs, and straightened out other minor issues, and today… the motherlode finally hits our Steam store.

That’s right, the all shiny, all new and improved Legrand Legacy v2.0 drops today! If you’re wondering what this means for your gaming experience, read on.

We have replaced the old battle system completely and re-coded from the ground up. This massive update includes:

a. Significant improvements to combat camera and new impact effects
You will see that camera movements during battles have been upgraded with dynamic angles and we’ve added fancy impact effects to make your heroes feel all the more badass.

b. Difficulty selection
We included a difficulty selection to cater to your needs. Want to enjoy the story but think the combat is too hard? Play on “easy” and breeze through your adventure. Up for a hardcore challenge and want to put your gaming skills to the ultimate test? Play on “hard!”

c. ACT mode option (easy or off/automatic)
After a lot of feedback, we discovered that some of you don't like to have to press the ACT with every turn, so we’ve added the option to make the ACT dial easier OR to turn off the ACT completely and make it automatic instead.

d. Updated enemy AI
While updating the code of our combat system, we discovered that some of the enemy AI did not work as intended. We have fixed those problems.

e. Rebalanced most of the combat
After fixing the enemy AI, implementing a new difficulty selection, and the automatic ACT, we have also updated the combat balance to fit the new AI. Enemies are smart but not too smart!

f. Move command no longer takes a character's whole turn
You will now be able to perform an action after moving and not waste a character's whole turn just to reposition.

g. Improved Arcana cinematics
We have improved the cinematic sequence during Arcanas so they’re more dramatic. We’re talking about some SERIOUS eye candy here, people.

We have modified the old shaders so the new shaders now enable normal maps, which means more refined and prettier details on the 3D model textures.

Following our announcement about our attempt to rewrite the script, this update completes the revised writing. You can now enjoy Legrand Legacy’s newly rewritten and polished script in its entirety. Plus, we have also extended the ending with additional cutscenes to clarify the conclusion of our heroes’ story.

During cutscenes, you can now press the cancel button and then the confirm button to skip the current cutscene entirely.

Now when you lose a tactical war, there will be a prompt so you can try it again.

As always, we have also fixed other minor bugs.

Finally, we thank you for being supportive and vocal of the improvements you wanted to see! We may be a small studio, but we hope that we have been able to respond to your feedback quickly enough. We can’t wait to hear what you think about this new update, so don’t forget to LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS after you’ve tried the new and improved Legrand Legacy v2.0.

Please visit us in Legrand Legacy v2.0


Klahmaran - The Infernal Flame

Hello everyone! By now you've probably enjoyed our Pre-Alpha Prologue and have come face-to-face with Klahmaran, the build’s epic boss.

The prophet Lazarus, who was getting old and weak, assigned his infernal flame to take the form of this eight-handed fiery giant to protect the Dringr’s Keep. Klahmaran is to fight away any incoming threat, and eradicate other evil forces in Legrand. Although its creator is long gone, Klahmaran remains loyal and stays its ground as the watchful protector of Lazarus' chamber.

However, the creature, who cannot control its infernal fire without its master, eventually ends up leaving the chamber, later becoming a rampaging beast out for blood.

Some players have told us they’ve been struggling to beat this boss but, as you saw in yesterday’s live stream, our own Uwil took on the boss and showed everyone that, yes, you can indeed defeat it! Have you managed to beat Klahmaran? How did you do it? Be sure to share your strategies in the comments!


Time To Get Physical!

Today's update is a very special one because we have a ton of new images to share with you for the Legrand Legacy physical rewards! To thank you believing in Legrand Legacy, we have prepared a cool selection of beautifully crafted and high quality items which we hope you will treasure in your collection. These rewards are all Kickstarter exclusive, so if you see something you like, this is the only time to get them!


(Available in “Collector” tier and above)

This beautifully designed box set contains the Legrand Legacy game on disc, the Legrand Legacy original soundtrack on disc, an art book mini sampler, a t-shirt, and a signed certificate.

The art book mini sampler contains a selection of all the artwork from Legrand Legacy.

We also designed this Kickstarter-exclusive t-shirt, so you can show the world that you are one of our supporters. You will get to choose the size you want in the survey we send your way after the campaign is over. (Please note the final design may differ)


(Available in “Holy Knight” tier and above)

This Kickstarter exclusive poster boasts a very cool rendition of the Legrand Legacy characters and will be printed on high quality paper. We will add extra hand embellished details to it, so that no two are the same, AND we’ll ship it with a signed certificate, so that you know your poster is definitely a limited edition piece! (Please note the final design may differ)


(Soft cover available in “Ancient Lore Keeper” tier and above. Hard cover available in “Artist” tier and above)

Legrand Legacy Art Books contain a comprehensive selection of art work seen in Legrand Legacy, from early concept sketches of the characters, monsters, and regions, to the final versions that you will eventually see in the game. You will also see the art work we’ve done for our Kickstarter backers who pledge in tiers with in-game rewards.

For those who pledge to the "Artist” tier, our artist will personally sign and hand draw an exclusive sketch of your favorite Legrand Legacy character in your hard cover art book!


(Available in “Ancient Lore Keeper” tier and above)

We have designed an exclusive Finn figurine with his signature Arc Slash so that you will always have a look at the action in the game… even when you're not playing the game! The 4” figurine is 3D printed and will be hand embellished.

The figurine will also be packaged in our signature black and gold box.

And as you saw in yesterday's live stream, we got a prototype figurine made for Finn to get a feel of how its design was coming along. You can check the prototype in the images below!


(Special bonus for “Ancient Lore Keeper” tier and above)

As a SPECIAL bonus, backers who pledge for the Ancient Lore Keeper tier and above will also get a beautifully crafted Collector's Edition Box to store all of your favorite Legrand Legacy items, from the boxed set (containing the game and the soundtrack on discs), the art book, as well as the figurine. We will also include a numbered signed certificate to make your Collector’s Edition Box even more limited!

We hope today's update has shown you that we weren't kidding when we said we were doing some limited and very cool physical rewards to thank you for your support! If you've already pledged at a tier without a physical reward and liked what you saw in today's update, you can easily manage your pledge to go to a higher tier that includes the items you want.

ALL of these rewards will be produced in limited quantity and will be made available exclusively for our backers. If you know friends or relatives who might like these items, please tell them about our Kickstarter campaign before time runs out!


Legrand Legacy Twitch Thursday

Are you ready for an inside look at Legrand Legacy? Then come join us LIVE on Twitch! Uwil, our Executive Producer/Lead Game Designer, will take you on a personal tour of the Pre-Alpha Prologue. He has literally played the build over one hundred times (and counting!), checking for bugs and making sure the game is as enjoyable as possible in its current state!

We also wanted to mention a few milestones that we've reached so far! As you've probably noticed, Legrand Legracy is now over 40% funded! We couldn't have done this without you, and for that we are very thankful.

Along with this, you've also unlocked a new Social Media Bonus Goal now that there's over 500 backers in here! That means we'll be adding a new Tactical War Scenario to Legrand Legacy! Next up is the milestone for 750 backers for which we'll add new Crafting Recipes to the game!

And we've also reached a new Twitter Social Media Bonus Goal! This one means we'll add a new bonus song to the Legrand Legacy soundtrack.

AND Legrand Legacy has also hit not one but TWO new Facebook milestone! That means another bonus song is going to be added to the Legrand Legacy soundtrack and a bonus Potion of Mending recipe will be added to the game!

Legrand Legacy also won an award this week! As you can see from the image below, it won the Most Promising Game award at Game Prime 2016.

It's been a great couple of weeks for everyone at SEMISOFT, so here's hoping the next two weeks are even better!


Trulliore - The Eye That Summons The Demon

Hello again! For today's update, we will talk about one of the monsters you’ll be running into during your adventure in Legrand Legacy: Trulliore.

It is said that local witches use Truliorre’s eyes as a medium to summon the demon and connect with the dead. These self-proclaimed seers declare that, through Truliorre’s eyes, they can see things no other living being can see. Some people believe in this in a fanatical way, while others think it’s just an elaborate humbug.

What we can say for sure is that Truliorre’s eyes are quite difficult to secure because going against one of these monsters is extremely dangerous and life-threatening!

What do you think of Trulliore’s look? Don't forget to leave your comments below!


The Deadly Rahas Desert

Welcome to another update for Legrand Legacy! Before we begin with today’s topic, we wanted to ask for your help with something that many of you will be very interesting in! As you all know, by pledging for a digital copy of Legrand Legacy you’ll actually be getting a Steam copy and a DRM-Free copy. We’ve been asked by many of you about how we’ll distribute the DRM-Free copy, and today we can confirm that we’re looking into using GOG for this! And this is where you come in.

Be sure to click right here to vote for Legrand Legacy on GOG so that you can help us to make this happen!

And now, let’s dive into today’s update. We invite you to join us on a tour around the infamous Rahas Desert. Come learn more about the location and the monsters who inhabit this arid land!

Despite being a shorter route between Tel Harran and Shapur, Rahas Desert is notorious for its combination of extreme heat, savage scavengers, and merciless "Ram Poks" bandits. Not many of those who traverse this desert live to tell the tale!

If you have played our Pre-Alpha Prologue then you'll know Geddo hires Finn to guard him across the treacherous Rahas Desert on his way home to Shapur. You might also have encountered the quick sands that lead to secret underground dungeons… and a few pesky black orbs that seem to follow you wherever you go! Rumor has it that these orbs contain lingering spirits of the dead, so be careful!

Which one was the most memorable monster during your journey through the Rahas Desert? Let us know in the comments below!


Alchemy and Crafting

The fantasy world of Legrand Legacy is full of curious objects, magical items, and mysterious potions. Some are obviously vile, some are probably nourishing, while others look positively disgusting. Where can you find these items?

If you have played the Legrand Legacy Pre-Alpha Prologue, you'll know that slaying monsters will reward you with a lot of loot – things such as teeth, scales, slimes, and more. Well, you can bring all of these things to the Alchemist to turn them into items.

Items can also be obtained from completing side-quests. Remember the Flamatone that the Blacksmith requests?

Some common items may be available in the Apothecary, but the rarer ones will definitely require a bit of an extra effort. Each item has its own specific effect, such as healing, buffing, debuffing… and reviving.

Any and all items can be sold for Danaar (in-game currency) or even used to craft other more powerful and rarer items. In order to craft the item you aim to secure you simply collect the ingredients listed in the recipe.

We will include a bunch of recipes in Legrand Legacy so that you can craft the items you need to bring into combat or to customize your characters’ equipment to upgrade as needed. Below is a sample recipe for Remedy Shards.

As part of our the potential rewards that backers can secure for their support, starting at the Crafter Tier and above you'll get to design and name one of these in-game items! It’s certainly a wonderful opportunity to preserve your favorite keepsake and leave a lasting legacy that’s uniquely yours.

We're also going to add special new crafting recipes as we reach certain Social Media Bonus Goals, so don't forget to like our Facebook page and to follow us on Twitter! Because of your support, we've now reached a new Facebook Social Media Bonus Goal and you're helping us work towards the next one! You can check the current bonus goals you've unlocked below as well as the ones you're working towards unlocking.


Meet Kind Old Stranger Geddo

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! You’ve already gotten to meet main characters Finn, Aria, Eris, Kael, Azzam, and Scatia. But there are other characters you need to learn more about - one of them is Geddo.

Geddo is believed to be one of the few remaining Norns – people who originate from the destroyed swampy forest of Finnias, in the South. As proficient in witchcraft as he is, Geddo is unable to use his magic skills to cure Eris, his sick daughter. This is why he decides to travel all over Legrand to procure a rare herb called Mengkhaddu – it is the only medication known to ease her symptoms.

If you have played our Pre-Alpha Prologue, you’ll recognize the hooded old stranger who helps Finn escape from Jubla Arena. As luck would have it, Geddo is in a rush to bring the herbs back to Eris and therefore decides to hire Finn to help him as they journey across the dangerous Rahas Desert. In return, Finn promises to protect Geddo to repay his kindness.

What do you think of the old man so far? Have you managed to finish the Legrand Legacy Pre-Alpha Prologue? Let us know in the comments below!


Ruggamsh - The Great Maggot

Welcome to a new weekend update! Before we dive into today's topic we wanted to mention that you've all helped us to reach one new Social Media Bonus Goal! Because of this there will be a new recruitable War General in Legrand Legacy - we'll expand on this topic at a later date.

For today’s Kickstarter post we wanted to tackle one of the game’s deadly enemies: the Ruggamash!

You will find Ruggamsh in Rahas Desert - they are easy to spot due to their gigantic size. Although some people tame this type of maggot to use it for transportation, wild Ruggamsh are a creature you don’t want to meet during your adventure.

In another time, the great Ruggamsh used to feed on the carcasses of ancient giants. Now that the giants are gone, they mostly eat smaller monsters such as Flurdiaanums and Kojvanaas… as well as dehydrated travelers.

If you meet a Ruggamsh in the wild, make sure you fight bravely because it can smell your fear!

Do you know anyone who might fancy a ride on the Ruggamsh? Are you brave enough to fight a wild Ruggamsh? Let us below: an update in the comments what you think of today’s Kickstarter.


Tel Harran - The City of Slavers

How is everyone enjoying their weekend? Ours is off to a great start: we’re thrilled to mention that Legrand Legacy is now over 30% funded thanks to all of your support, so be sure to continue to share the link to the Kickstarter everywhere!

Legrand is home to a plethora of fascinating landscapes and cultures. Today we start with the first stop in our tour of some of the game’s regions. Who knows, we might have time to give you a sneak peak at some of the regions we’re currently working on! For our first stop, it is time to visit Tel Harran, the City of Slavers.

The city of Tel Harran was built by the Ahrimans, a race of intelligent bipedal lions, to show their superiority over humans. The citizens of Tel Harran have been practicing slavery since the city was founded, and their main source of entertainment involves having slaves fight each other to the death in the blood arena, which is exactly where Finn’s (mis)adventure begins.

If you have played the Legrand Legacy Pre-Alpha Prologue, then you know there are quite a bit of things to do in the bustling Harrean Market! You can visit the apothecary to get some unique healing items, such as the Bloodstone Shards and Crossbones, or you can go to the Blacksmith to purchase swords and armors - just as Master Geddo orders. If you fancy a ride on the Ruggamsh, it’s also quite a steal at only 50 Danaar!

Did anyone spot Beggar Uwil? If you didn't, you might want to go back and say hi to him! Don’t forget to share your experience in the City of Slavers with all your friends. And we can’t wait to read what you have to say about today’s update and about your time with the Legrand Legacy Pre-Alpha Build!

And don't forget to Follow us on Twitter and to Like our Facebook page so that you can help us to unlock some extra Social Media Bonus Goals!

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