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The Deadly Rahas Desert

Welcome to another update for Legrand Legacy! Before we begin with today’s topic, we wanted to ask for your help with something that many of you will be very interesting in! As you all know, by pledging for a digital copy of Legrand Legacy you’ll actually be getting a Steam copy and a DRM-Free copy. We’ve been asked by many of you about how we’ll distribute the DRM-Free copy, and today we can confirm that we’re looking into using GOG for this! And this is where you come in.

Be sure to click right here to vote for Legrand Legacy on GOG so that you can help us to make this happen!

And now, let’s dive into today’s update. We invite you to join us on a tour around the infamous Rahas Desert. Come learn more about the location and the monsters who inhabit this arid land!

Despite being a shorter route between Tel Harran and Shapur, Rahas Desert is notorious for its combination of extreme heat, savage scavengers, and merciless "Ram Poks" bandits. Not many of those who traverse this desert live to tell the tale!

If you have played our Pre-Alpha Prologue then you'll know Geddo hires Finn to guard him across the treacherous Rahas Desert on his way home to Shapur. You might also have encountered the quick sands that lead to secret underground dungeons… and a few pesky black orbs that seem to follow you wherever you go! Rumor has it that these orbs contain lingering spirits of the dead, so be careful!

Which one was the most memorable monster during your journey through the Rahas Desert? Let us know in the comments below!