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Time To Get Physical!

Today's update is a very special one because we have a ton of new images to share with you for the Legrand Legacy physical rewards! To thank you believing in Legrand Legacy, we have prepared a cool selection of beautifully crafted and high quality items which we hope you will treasure in your collection. These rewards are all Kickstarter exclusive, so if you see something you like, this is the only time to get them!


(Available in “Collector” tier and above)

This beautifully designed box set contains the Legrand Legacy game on disc, the Legrand Legacy original soundtrack on disc, an art book mini sampler, a t-shirt, and a signed certificate.

The art book mini sampler contains a selection of all the artwork from Legrand Legacy.

We also designed this Kickstarter-exclusive t-shirt, so you can show the world that you are one of our supporters. You will get to choose the size you want in the survey we send your way after the campaign is over. (Please note the final design may differ)


(Available in “Holy Knight” tier and above)

This Kickstarter exclusive poster boasts a very cool rendition of the Legrand Legacy characters and will be printed on high quality paper. We will add extra hand embellished details to it, so that no two are the same, AND we’ll ship it with a signed certificate, so that you know your poster is definitely a limited edition piece! (Please note the final design may differ)


(Soft cover available in “Ancient Lore Keeper” tier and above. Hard cover available in “Artist” tier and above)

Legrand Legacy Art Books contain a comprehensive selection of art work seen in Legrand Legacy, from early concept sketches of the characters, monsters, and regions, to the final versions that you will eventually see in the game. You will also see the art work we’ve done for our Kickstarter backers who pledge in tiers with in-game rewards.

For those who pledge to the "Artist” tier, our artist will personally sign and hand draw an exclusive sketch of your favorite Legrand Legacy character in your hard cover art book!


(Available in “Ancient Lore Keeper” tier and above)

We have designed an exclusive Finn figurine with his signature Arc Slash so that you will always have a look at the action in the game… even when you're not playing the game! The 4” figurine is 3D printed and will be hand embellished.

The figurine will also be packaged in our signature black and gold box.

And as you saw in yesterday's live stream, we got a prototype figurine made for Finn to get a feel of how its design was coming along. You can check the prototype in the images below!


(Special bonus for “Ancient Lore Keeper” tier and above)

As a SPECIAL bonus, backers who pledge for the Ancient Lore Keeper tier and above will also get a beautifully crafted Collector's Edition Box to store all of your favorite Legrand Legacy items, from the boxed set (containing the game and the soundtrack on discs), the art book, as well as the figurine. We will also include a numbered signed certificate to make your Collector’s Edition Box even more limited!

We hope today's update has shown you that we weren't kidding when we said we were doing some limited and very cool physical rewards to thank you for your support! If you've already pledged at a tier without a physical reward and liked what you saw in today's update, you can easily manage your pledge to go to a higher tier that includes the items you want.

ALL of these rewards will be produced in limited quantity and will be made available exclusively for our backers. If you know friends or relatives who might like these items, please tell them about our Kickstarter campaign before time runs out!