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Legrand Legacy v2.0

Hello, Legrandians!

Thanks to the feedback and recommendations from you guys, we’ve finished our complete rewrite of the games script, fixed a few bugs, and straightened out other minor issues, and today… the motherlode finally hits our Steam store.

That’s right, the all shiny, all new and improved Legrand Legacy v2.0 drops today! If you’re wondering what this means for your gaming experience, read on.

We have replaced the old battle system completely and re-coded from the ground up. This massive update includes:

a. Significant improvements to combat camera and new impact effects
You will see that camera movements during battles have been upgraded with dynamic angles and we’ve added fancy impact effects to make your heroes feel all the more badass.

b. Difficulty selection
We included a difficulty selection to cater to your needs. Want to enjoy the story but think the combat is too hard? Play on “easy” and breeze through your adventure. Up for a hardcore challenge and want to put your gaming skills to the ultimate test? Play on “hard!”

c. ACT mode option (easy or off/automatic)
After a lot of feedback, we discovered that some of you don't like to have to press the ACT with every turn, so we’ve added the option to make the ACT dial easier OR to turn off the ACT completely and make it automatic instead.

d. Updated enemy AI
While updating the code of our combat system, we discovered that some of the enemy AI did not work as intended. We have fixed those problems.

e. Rebalanced most of the combat
After fixing the enemy AI, implementing a new difficulty selection, and the automatic ACT, we have also updated the combat balance to fit the new AI. Enemies are smart but not too smart!

f. Move command no longer takes a character's whole turn
You will now be able to perform an action after moving and not waste a character's whole turn just to reposition.

g. Improved Arcana cinematics
We have improved the cinematic sequence during Arcanas so they’re more dramatic. We’re talking about some SERIOUS eye candy here, people.

We have modified the old shaders so the new shaders now enable normal maps, which means more refined and prettier details on the 3D model textures.

Following our announcement about our attempt to rewrite the script, this update completes the revised writing. You can now enjoy Legrand Legacy’s newly rewritten and polished script in its entirety. Plus, we have also extended the ending with additional cutscenes to clarify the conclusion of our heroes’ story.

During cutscenes, you can now press the cancel button and then the confirm button to skip the current cutscene entirely.

Now when you lose a tactical war, there will be a prompt so you can try it again.

As always, we have also fixed other minor bugs.

Finally, we thank you for being supportive and vocal of the improvements you wanted to see! We may be a small studio, but we hope that we have been able to respond to your feedback quickly enough. We can’t wait to hear what you think about this new update, so don’t forget to LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS after you’ve tried the new and improved Legrand Legacy v2.0.

Please visit us in Legrand Legacy v2.0