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Meet Azzam & Scatia

Welcome to a new Kickstarter update for Legrand Legacy! We want to kick things off today by introducing to you the newest member of the Legrand Legacy team: Alexander Jayden Jonathan!

As you can imagine, his proud mom and dad are extremely happy about our new team member… and they're also not getting as much sleep as they used to!

In previous updates, you have met Finn, Aria, Eris, and Kael. Today, it is time for us to introduce you to Azzam and Scatia!

A reigning champion of the arena in the corrupt city of Ostia, Azzam is a relentless fighter who is peerless in strength. Nobody knows how or why he ended up in Ostia in the first place, but his sharp mind and quiet demeanor suggest that he didn’t always be a gladiator.

His fighting style and personal code of conduct - never wounding his enemies more than necessary – have also caused quite a stir. When he finally escapes the clutches of the arena, he decides to follow the party to serve a noble cause – little by little he’ll regain what he lost in the past.

The image below shows the concept art of Azzam.

Not much is known about Scatia. No one understands how she ended up as the protector of the Dathi Tree in Finias, but people often call her “a century old witch.” When Finn’s group first meets Scatia she tries to chase them away from Finias… to no avail. Although she thinks very little of the rest of the group and hates having to teach them battle techniques, Scatia eventually grows to be very protective of them, almost like a mother who is protecting her children.

Her unique fighting skill is second to none. It is all thanks to her solitary confinement in Finias, and hundreds of years of learning how to kill. She has gone through moments of immense joy and intense sorrow, and this is how she’s grown into the audacious and domineering character she is today.

The image below shows the concept art of Scatia.

What do you think about these two characters? Let us known in the comments below!


Live 2D: Bringing Characters to Life

Hi! We wanted to start today's update by mentioning that Legrand Legracy is now part of Kickstarter's Projects We Love! Be sure to share the image below on social media to show your support!

An RPG like Legrand Legacy consists of many different components, from characterization, script writing, world and game design, not to mention its original soundtrack! Today we want to take you on a tour behind the scenes of the game’s production so that we can talk about a very important feature of Legrand Legacy: Live 2D.

If you have tried the Legrand Legacy Pre-alpha Prologue you’ll know that the game uses visual novel style conversations combined with Live 2D for its story and to convey the characters’ emotions. An animated expression truly creates a more dynamic experience compared to a static image!

Now, let's talk about the actual process to make this all happen. Generally speaking, there are four steps to bring the characters' emotions alive thanks to Live 2D.

Step 1: Prepare the Original Drawing: First, the artist will prepare an image of the character. It’s best to use an image with less shading in some areas like the eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears, and mouth, because too much shading will complicate the slicing process.

2. Create a Model : Next, we continue to modelling by using the Live 2D Cubism Modeler. We set the parameters for a character’s facial features, all depending on the expression we want to present. In this case we could, for example, change the angle of her eyebrows or the shape of her mouth.

3. Create the Animation: After the parameters are set, it’s time to animate a character’s facial expression by using Live 2D Cubism Animator. In this step, the artist has to control the parameters to get a smooth animation in the end.

4. In-Game Implementation: Once the Live 2D animation is ready, we need to add it into the game at the correct spot, all according to our script.

The process of making Live 2D requires focus and precision but, above all, the artists need to have a deep understanding of the characters’ emotions and personalities, so that they can truly bring the characters to life.

We hope you liked today's Kickstarter update. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!


Meet Eris & Kael

Hi everyone! Before reaching our first week on Kickstarter, you have all helped us to reach a very important milestone: Legrand Legacy is now 20% funded! Once again, we want to say thank you for all of your support. Please continue to tell everyone you know about the project so that we can aim higher and higher.

In yesterday’s update we talked about the Social Media Bonus Goals for Legrand Legacy. We also gave you a look at a gameplay video from the game’s Pre-Alpha Prologue, which you can easily share on social media.

Now it is time to talk about two of the characters from the game: come meet Eris and Kael!

After being offered a chance to finally leave her house, Eris agrees to Finn’s invitation to explore Legrand. She dreams of becoming a Maestriest - a respected scholar gifted in mending people’s wounds and knowledgeable in a wide array of medicines. She hopes this will take her on the path to curing her illness permanently.

In order to become a Maestriest, Eris must get to the Grand Library located in the Kingdom of Altea… which is not as easy as it sounds due to the Mugna Feud, an ongoing great war between the Kingdoms of Altea and Fandor. The Mengkhaddu, the only known medicine that is at least able to suppress the symptoms of her illness, grows only in the North, not far from the two warring kingdoms.

The image below shows the concept art of Eris.

Kael was raised by freedom fighters - trained to become thief and a liar. One day he decides to venture away from his foster home to learn more about his unusual physical condition. Out of nowhere, Kael feels excruciating pain from dark patches on his skin, and no known medicine has been able to suppress it. However, on the plus side, he has exceptional regeneration abilities, so his wounds heal much faster than the average humans. You know, as long as he doesn’t lose his head, that is!

On the way to where his foster father first found him, Kael bumps into Finn’s group, in Dunabad. He decides to hide his true identity and claims himself to be an independent medicine trader - a trader with exceptional useful dagger skills.

The image below shows the concept art of Kael.

What do you think about these two characters from Legrand Legacy? What would you like to see us talk about in our future Kickstarter updates? Let us know in the comments below!


Gameplay and Social Media Bonus Goals

Welcome! Good to have you join us for a new Legrand Legacy Kickstarter update! Before we get started with today's post we wanted to talk a bit about where we are in our Social Media Bonus Goals. What are Social Media Bonus Goals, you ask? These are extra bonus goals you can all helps us reach in order to improve Legrand Legacy to make it even better.

You can help by following us on Twitter, liking our Facebook page or by becoming a backer of Legrand Legacy! So far you've all helped us to reach two Facebook bonus goals, one Twitter bonus goal and one Kickstarter bonus goal! You can see the goals you have reached as well as the ones you're currently helping us to reach by checking the images below.

So far, everyone pledging to Legrand Legacy will be getting a new and exclusive wallpaper, the game's soundtrack will now include a new bonus song, a new recruitable NPC will be added for you to use in the game's Headquarter System, and a new item will be included in the game! We'll reveal more Social Media Bonus Goals as you help us reach previous ones, so be sure to check the main page!

And now, we want to share with you a gameplay video that was recorded straight from Legrand Legacy’s Pre-Alpha Prologue. This video will give you an overview of the game mechanics - including exploration, turn-based combat with Quick Time Event (what we call ACT - Action Circle Tempo), the game’s story and conversation, menu customization, and in-game cinematic.

As we have mentioned before, the game is currently in a Pre-Alpha state, so the video does not reflect what the finished product will look like.

As a special bonus, this particular video is narrated personally by Legrand Legacy’s very own Executive Producer/Lead Game Designer, Uwil!

Don’t forget that if you still haven’t played the Pre-Alpha Prologue, you can do so by clicking the images below. One will take you to the Steam Pre-Alpha Prologue, while the other will allow you to try the DRM-Free version of the Pre-Alpha Prologue.

What do you think about the video? Do you know someone who would love to play Legrand Legacy? Then please share the video with them and link them to the Kicktarter page!


Meet Finn & Aria

Welcome to a new Kickstarter update for Legrand Legacy! Today we’d like to introduce you to two of the game's main characters: Finn and Aria!

If you have tried our Pre-Alpha Prologue you’ll certainly recognize this blue-haired gentleman - he is always getting into all sorts of trouble! But, who can blame him? He wakes up without any recollection of his past and is suddenly thrown into Jubla Arena in Tel Harran, the City of Slavers, to fight for his life. Strangely enough, he manages to summon mysterious powers and defeats the arena’s reigning champion!

His unexpected victory causes him to be tortured by his promoter's underlings. Luckily, he is helped by an old man named Geddo who makes it possible for him to escape the arena. The two eventually embark on a journey to help Finn regain his memory and trace back his past. In this road to self-discovery, Finn meets a few other characters, and one of them is Aria - she is the one who tells him about the ancient prophecy that threatens the very existence of their universe.

The original idea for Finn’s character draws inspiration from many sources. Can you spot them in his concept art below?

Aria is another character you probably have met in the Legrand Legacy Pre-Alpha Prologue. She is somewhat furtive as she refuses to reveal her true identity to her companions. However, her motive is clear – she wants to end the perennial war between the Kingdoms of Fandor and Altea once and for all. She has grown weary of the crime and slavery that have completely overtaken every nook and cranny of Legrand.

With the library books as her only source, she tries to learn more about Legrand’s dire situation... until one day she comes across an ancient prophecy that foretells the second coming of the Fir Bolgs, demonic creatures from another dimension who aim to conquer new territories and expand their supremacy at all costs. Now that they have a bigger threat at hand, Aria decides to embark on a journey to find the Beast of the Old World who will supposedly be the answer to all of Legrand’s troubles.

The image below shows the concept art of Aria.

What do you think about these two characters? Have you played the Pre-Alpha Prologue? Let us know in the comments below!


The Legrand Legacy Lowdown

Welcome to the Legrand Legacy Kickstarter! We're thrilled about the start of the campaign, and we wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has joined us so far.

Legrand Legacy is more than just another game. It’s a tale of how extraordinary heroes can emerge from ordinary places. But, above all, it’s a labor of love, two years in the making. A total of 81 people have worked or are currently working on Legrand Legacy, and we’re all eager to show the world what all of us have accomplished so far!

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to continue to build and involve our community, but we also wanted to wait until we had something solid to show to prove our commitment and capability. For the past two years, we have invested personal funds into the game, and we now come to you on Kickstarter for your support to take us over the final stretch. We have created hundreds of assets, quests, and storylines that are to be implemented into the final build, and this is where you come in!

With our Kickstarter updates, we aim to provide everyone with plenty of information about the fantasy world of Legrand Legacy and our progress with the game so far. We’ll introduce you to some of its characters, monsters, and regions. We’ll also take you on a behind the scenes tour to let you take a peek at how the content for the game is being created.

This is also the first time that Legrand Legacy’s two-hour long Pre-Alpha Prologue is available for everyone to try! We hope that you will have a good time exploring Rahas Desert and Tel Harran, the City of Slavers.

Once again, thanks so much for your support! We look forward to reading your comments, so please let us know what you think of the Legrand Legacy Pre-Alpha Prologue!
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