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Persona 4, Pursuing My True Self - Cover by Le:Grand the Band (Legrand Legacy Team)

By now you know about the not so hidden talents of some of our team members. They often perform a song or two to entertain the rest of the crew and we are very thankful for that. For example, take the video below where our very own AJ Jonathan (Producer/Director/Audio Director), while not in front of the camera, is actually playing the piano!

Today, we wanted to bring you something a bit different, so here's Persona 4’s catchy opening theme: Pursuing My True Self!


Dani Irjayana (bass) - INharmonics Sound Designer

Muhammad Haafidz (e.guitar) - INharmonics Composer

Brammuda (drums) - Programmer

AJ Jonathan (piano) - Game Producer, INharmonics Music Director

Special Guest:

Puspallia Panggabean (vox) - @Aperplea's Vocalist