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Note: I DID NOT MAKE THIS. It is a translated project from German.
It was originally created by Kelven. I had his permission to translate it. Even though I did not make it, I put a lot of working into completely translating this, including having to redo many picture graphics, many messages, etc.

Requirements: RTP. Font patch for best gaming experience.

Story: Taking place somewhere in California, the game follows Sandra Richmont, who was traveling with her parents to visit their uncle. After an argument and a bathroom stop, her parents appear to have driven off without her. Thinking that her parents plan to stay overnight in the nearest city, Dusty Creek, Sandra heads towards there. However, after meeting two others who are stranded, she realizes that they are trapped and the city has some dark secrets...

The gameplay consists of solving puzzles, adventure game style. If you need a walkthrough, there's one included in the game folder. However, it's in German, so you can try to babelfish it or something.

WARNING: When you are poisoned in the mines, do not begin the cart pushing puzzle until you have found the antidote. Otherwise you can't get it later and can't beat the game (if you save.) I actually could have fixed this bug, but it was in the original and I wanted to leave all of the coding 100% intact.

Everything has been translated, from dialogue to pictures.
The game utilizes 99% custom graphics created by Kelven, who took the effort to make nearly everything examinable, all drawers/cabinets openable and examinable, and has pumped out probably 20 or so games. (Which all have mostly custom graphics I think.)

Original game: http://www.rpg-atelier.de/index.php?site=showgame&gid=474

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Pop me a message on AIM: AznChipmunk99
and I will personally help you to get it started and answer any questions you may have. I didn't realize that my translations would've been noticed at all, so I wasn't prepared for this, but I can help anyone who is trying to get it to work.

Hopefully, people will stop leaving messages that it doesn't work.
  • Completed
  • AznChipmunk
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
  • Adventure
  • 01/13/2009 12:04 AM
  • 07/03/2023 03:52 PM
  • 01/13/2009
  • 707480
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this game seems very similar to parasite eve is it based on this as its a brill game
I have no clue, I don't remember Parasite Eve at all.
Really well made. Nice creepy atmosphere.
Just Finished playing it today and wow.... I think I'm going to have nightmares lol. It was so freaky, but I loved every second of it!
This game is absolutley wonderfull designed.
The most important advantage is feel of danger in every second of game. Great idea with battle we not using weapons but we must solve how to defeat enemy and we feel panic - F*n A !
Idea of opening all elements in interiors is great. We explore many ROOMS and we can see effects of that what we have done with many doors, devices. Tons of things to use. Very well designed world of game with all characters in it. Music is very creepy. Suspens in end part of the game is really hard. Only one disatvantage is very silenthillish music...so 9+/10
And one thing. Thanks for translation this piece of great horror pal ! I think you should translate more great horror games from Germany.
I've been thinking about doing another one actually, even though I said I wouldn't.
I want to finish Muse first though.
A very nice amalgam of Silent Hill and Lovecraftian themes with a flair of unique combat and a perpetually pensive setting. I actually found myself growing somewhat disturbed at character development, too. More than once, I had to chuckle recognizing the Silent Hill tracks in here, but the style didn't detract anywhere so it didn't feel forced at all.

I admit, I'll have to change my opinion on rpg maker-based horror games. It can indeed be done. I'll have to go and re-examine a few old projects I gave up on.

Thanks much for giving me the chance to get a hold of this!
I am playing through it now and noticed you missed some lines.

-It's in the second mine section to the left of the bathrooms. There's a box you can inspect and the resulting line is still in German.

-In the basement of the clothes shop, where the monster was previously chained up.

-Also in the basement there is a puzzle involving an electrified floor. The object you inspect says it controls "steam pressure". I don't know what the original version says, but that's a little misleading as it's for the electric floor. Unless that was supposed to be steam?

-In the mining town one line says "the dispute was over was over the Indians"

-Also in the mining town, in the first house's second room. Examining a crate (or dresser?) brings up another German line.

Fun fact; the music that plays at the end of every day is from Silent Hill!
need download link 4m other resumable download site, if anyone can upload it plis tell me the link :)
This game is great. I know you didn't make it but who ever did is a genius. Great atmosphere.

The only thing I don't like is how some maps enter and exit at 90 degree angles from each other. You walk off the screen left and it turns you around and makes you point up. It's only a minor thing but it sometimes leaves me walking in and out of a map twice by accident.
This game was one of the best complete horror games for RPG maker...just, wow.

It had just about every great element a survival horror, or a scary game in general, should have. Tense situations, not know who you can trust, creepy stuff out of nowhere. I would love to see more of Kelven's games (I did check out the website this game originated from). He apparently puts quite a bit of work into them, with the custom graphics and stories - sadly I don't know German and sitting with a german-to-english dictionary is...not palatable.

But I thank you for translating this great game and applaud Kelven for making it.
The game crashes in the mines when it cannot locate an event :(
I'm only part-way in, but this game is fantastic, and you handled the translation really well, Chipmunk.

If you ever want to do any of Kelvan's other games, I would definitely play them.
Yeah, I just might translate something in my spare time. There were a couple of other projects that I had in mind; I might get to those.

Sorry for any bugs that exist, I did not do any sort of fixing. I only changed all the text and dialogue sequences, and any sort of glitches or oddities that already existed have stayed intact.

The game should be completely playable all the way through, myself (and a couple others) tested it to make sure the game was thoroughly playable. If a bug crashes the game, you should probably just avoid whatever it was. There's also maybe an untranslated line or two but they're insignificant.

Although there is the one bug that I listed in the description. If you don't get the antidote for the poison before you leave the mine, you cannot go back and will just eventually die.
Ahh, well I was looking for the antidote in the mine and I went into a room. The screen faded to black and I thought there was a cut scene coming but instead it just crashed and said Error: could not locate event.
The graphics are sweet, but the translation is crap. Some of the words run off and can't be read, other times it's just bad English. It takes away from the feel you know, I'm not pulled into it.
also I have no idea what to do after she has a nightmare and the dude is gone the next morning. I've tried every door and nothing happens. The Only person around is that creepy shop keeper and I can't leave town, so what do I do?
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