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Vhal Brune, a secluded but well known writer, is at his cabin retreat where he struggles from writer's block. This all changes when a certain girl, claiming to be an acquaintance of his publisher, visits him with an odd request. She wants to make a picture book for children that's about her and her dog, which passed away during her youth. Vahl went into seclusion to avoid having to meet and interact with other. With no interest at all, Vahl only seeks to write a half-ass script so he can send her on her way. That is, until strange things start lurking in the dark..
The dark will consume you, or will you..?

RE. is a survival horror with multiple endings. The game play has a twist in that monsters are attracted to you based on how strong of a light you use. This makes a complete flip on the "Darkness is your enemy" style game play. The story revolves around Vahl, the writer, and his encounter with a strange girl. Depending on what choices you make or actions you take, it may impact the outcome of the story.

-An engaging and dark story with a twist
-Light intensity changes monsters behavior
-Puzzles and mysteries
-Areas full of story and depth

Inspired by games like Silent Hill and Alan Wake. I'll be trying to release a demo by the first week of September. I really hope you'll be interested in this project, thank you and free cookies! :D Page

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