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Progress Report


The game is out on steam!!!
Pick it up here :D Hope you love it.

Progress Report

Crimson Shift Demo - Final

The final version of the Crimson Shift demo is out. It will be identical to the Full version in terms of what it contains in the first chapter and the prologue.
I'm so happy we're at this point :D
If you like it, you can add the game on the steam store page to your wishlist, It releases on the 30th

Progress Report

Crimson Shift - Steam Release!!

The time is almost here!! After a long time of making it, the game is finally ready!
It will be releasing on steam on the 30th of april!! Add it to the wishlist to follow its release :D

Store page:


Progress Report

Update 1.6.0

One of the last Demo updates, very close to release, just have to do some more of the artwork which never appears in the demo anyway, so here are the updates:

- New, more engaging tutorial.
- Balanced some skills so dagger isn’t almighty
- Lot of bugfixes, the demo should be bug free
- Newwww portraits for all :D The final ones.
- A bit spiced up intro
- Reworked the booster items.

Progress Report

Update 1.5.5

This one contains a lot of tutorial redos and all new custom battlebacks, weeding out my placeholders as much as possible.
There's not much til the finish line but i'll keep updating the demo as long as there's things to improve in it.

- New battlebacks
- new tutorial lines
- redesigned prologue character skills
- gave second boss some variety in skills
- A lot of custom animations

Progress Report

Update: 1.5.0

All new sprites on all battlers accross the board finally.
Finally. There will be minor fixes coming soon to various non game breaking things as well but for now this version should be sufficient. Trying to finish the game here :D

- Technician mechanics reworked
- Velnurability lasts one turn.
- Technician can be killed without fighting again
- Minor tile changes in warehouse
- Naokee taking on a more active role in the Red fight
- Player can chain combo without the character moving back at each skill
- New animations / sprites on everyone and everything
- Custom Icons for most of the things, some unfinished
- Ocean Grove key stealing gets more guidance
- Small Dialogue Changes.
- More clarity on the tutorial text

Progress Report

Update 1.4.7 - Bugfix Galore

An update that includes some stealthy updates from the past week I didnt post but am now. other than that I’m working on custom art that’s spoilerific and content that’s also spoilerino so I can’t post too much updates :(

- New portrait for Unelma
- Fixed bug with Verone not learning preparation
- Fixed a bug with Unelma not taking past decisions into account when talking
- Fixed kill counter being weird and inconsistent
- Fixed toilet guy in Ocean grove not responding to you
- Extended the story back to proper length of the demo.

Progress Report

Update 1.4.0 - Customize

This update is mostly about custom art, but there are some gameplay changes as well. As for gameplay: The removal of the KTA mechanic from the tutorial and the minimap and custom quest indicators. The reasoning behind KTA removal it is that the players might be overwhelmed by the introduction of another mechanic while they’re still getting used to the battle system, while the minimap is for proper indication for directions.

- Naokee’s custom faceset
- Unelma’s custom faceset
- Ray’s Custom faceset
- Technician Battle portrait
- KTA mechanic taken out
- Minimap system and quest arrows that show up on it.

Progress Report

Update 1.3.0 - All the New Sprites!

Here comes the big update.
The biggest part of it is the sprite changes to the battlers. I know there are inconsistencies between Naokees battler, sprite and face, but I’m working on that fix as I’m making her custom face. The balloon alert system is removed due to being hard to cooperate with so I’ll just add a gps minimap or something like that instead later. KMA mode still has no purpose but it will eventually.
Also shortened the demo until after the technician fight.


New sprites for all battlers
Buffed Red, changed attack pattern slightly
Added a new side quest that you can access from the warehouse on the western city of the city.
Nerfed technician, he won’t randomly one shot.
Nerfed Assassin Dagger skills.
Added a different combat tutorial.
Removed Balloon alert system.
Reduced time on medium difficulty hack to make it more challenging.

Progress Report

Update 1.2.5

This update contains a lot of quality of life changes as well of indicators, tutorial improvements etc. The most important aspect of this update is the combo mechanic rework. The sequence of the combos are mostly intact, however the combos are now initated by only the normal attack, the player can branch out from there.

You also see a new starter skill, called preparation, which branches out into the buff category, as the buff skill category as a choice is now removed, to make the hud more compact, making all the choices (Guard, items) visible to a new player as well.

Here's a demonstration gif for the new version:

As for the other changes:

- Extra quest markers for the main questline so people won't get lost as much.
- Removed shade boss from prologue as it proved to be too exhausting to the player to fight 2 bosses after each other. (should've seen it coming xP)
- Adjusted the exp rate a bit
- Tweaked both the Gun and Dagger category skills in damage to more fit their
- First tutorial fight is no longer a huge text dump, only a medium text dump with more clarity.
- Added the cross game variables (which serve no real purpose in the demo until it's implemented in the other games as well, but it's there)
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