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B.L.O.B.: Biological Launched Obstruction\Barrier. A secret non-lethal weapons program, with quite a few other uses, that has been being worked on for several years by some of the brightest Camdonian minds. It has finally been advanced far enough to be used, and already has been integrated into an updated version of the standard combat suit, with back up kinetic generators to make sure the energy to living mass converters aren't depleted while in the field. You, a loyal veteran of Camdonia, are to be the first one to test out this prototype. Its use might be needed soon. After all, surely it will serve some purpose in the ongoing cold war with our neighboring countries.

Movement- Arrow Keys
Run- Hold Shift
Jump- Spacebar
Launch B.L.O.B.- Hold Ctrl then Release at Wanted Power Level
Switch B.L.O.B. Type- Number Keys; In Current Demo 1=Green B.L.O.B. and 2=Blue (Launch Pad) B.L.O.B.

This is meant to be a short-mediumish length platformer. We wanted to do some sort of a unique platform game (at least none of us have played one with the blob idea, though admittedly it was partly inspired by the gelatinator from Ratchet and Clank) that we could finish within a week or two, and while taking a little break from our other projects. The way we're working on it so far:
Programming - Me
Level Design - Carter and I
Concept/Dialogue - Me, anybody who feels like pitching in
Graphics- Kirkpatrick and I, and we took some tiles from Ari Feldman
Animations/Effects- Carter, and a few by me.
Eater of all the food so that 'we wouldn't get fat while making it'- The Beached Whale The Anglo Saxon

Anyway, I uploaded a game play demo that has two of the B.L.O.B. types that now behave nearly exactly how we want them (might still have a few bugs), and the tutorial level. There's still a lot of traps and ice, etc. and better looking graphics to be made, but this demo shows some of the game play the final game will have. So what are you waiting for, go launch some B.L.O.B.s!

Latest Blog

Sorry, It's Not Holy Anymore

Holes that you fall to the bottom of the screen and die from in the game are being replaced with nonmoving spikes for the most part. With the way the levels will work in later parts of the game, and the annoyingness of instant death, I've found that the game would probably be better without them.

Progress Update Edit: Currently toying with the idea of having a few more upgrades that can be obtained during the game than just the B.L.O.B.s obtained during the storyline and armor upgrades. Maybe a couple of things like double jumping with rocket boosters or increased speed, etc.


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i'll give it a try. Looks wierd but fun.
Just finished it and submitted a mini-review, hopefully it doesn't take days to get accepted like my other reviews -_-;
Oh simmer down Rasta. A staff or admin isn't going to be online all day checking the submission queue. It's been approved, by the way. Also, I swear I approved a download...
I know, Kentona, but it shouldn't take days ... someone should check it at least once a day >.>
Also that comment was submitted a few days ago and yes there was a download i dunno where it went :o
This game is officially part of RMN SNEWS #6's Play Something! installment. Theme: Platformers. Congrats! (More people play this now!)
Thank you for giving me something to respond too so that I may bump this game again, kentona.
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