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I'm Lya Tovits. I've been accepted by the Normund university of magic. It's time for me to master my mystical powers and become a great wizard. I heard, the University teaches a wide variety of spells; tutors put strong emphasis on wise spell use, environment observation and alteration. So not only will I become very powerful but also very smart!

* Arrow keys to move. F4 to toggle fullscreen on/off.
Do you really have to tell them this?
* Mouse button to cast spell. The spell travels to the clicked target and no further.
* Ctrl + mouse button to switch spell.
Hey, I'm supposed to learn that in a well crafted tutorial!

Are you packed yet?
Is development done yet?


The spells:
Fire: burns grass and wood, deals 1 damage
Magic missile: quick cast, deals 1 damage
Ice: creates ice or snow, deals 1 damage
Ethereal missile: slow cast, deals 2 damages

Wizard apprentice Lya is a McBacon Jam 3 entry made by The C-Team.

This game stores all its data in the current folder and sub-folders. It will not store data anywhere-else, not even in Windows registry.

Latest Blog

I'm back on movement

I'm back working on Lya's movement system to build responsive movements and enhance her ability to doge enemy projectiles.

Lya's movement decomposed in steps in debug mode.


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Ok, so what exactly is this game?
Looks pretty well, it has a download and a description of controls.
I'm subbed cuz I await an answer.
The current download is a gameplay demonstration. It only has one large map to show how the game works. It's sole purpose is to let player test our gameplay and comment on it so we know if the concept is worth expanding.
The controls and graphics seem cool. Mapping is alright. It would be a nice touch if there was a SE that plays when the player gets hit.

I suck at these types of games, so I didn't get too far. It seems like a promising game though. It kind of reminds me of Seiken Densetsu (especially the tree graphics), which is a good thing.

Best of luck with this, buddy!
Thanks for your feedback.

I suck at these types of games, so I didn't get too far.

You're facing a really tough challenge!
Defeating all 24 skeletons of the test map is not an easy task: they kill me when I'm not fast enough. As I programmed those bastards, I must admit that the difficulty is high.
I usually don't play these types of games, so I guess that explains why I'm so bad at this one. It also depends on what type of difficulty you're going for/who your target audience is.
We'll build collectable healing items to extend player lifetime. The difficulty will be player configurable: affecting enemy HP, fire rate and other parameters. I thought of a way to improve enemy aim that would only be used in the hard mode.
I like the concept, it kept me retrying 'till uncovering the whole demo map, and take down those darn 'gatekeepers' on the left in the process.
And yup, those skeletons are quite fast, I'd risk to say that I have some experience in this sort of dodging, but they still gave me trouble. Would be a valid hard setting. ^^

The only notable cons I found out are :
- Arrows + mouse feels a little weird because generally on games you have mouse-aim you move on WASD, would be better to have it at a option if possible. (And because my lame keyboard doesn't have a ctrl near the arrows)
- The lack of some sort of full screen, to prevent clicking the mouse outside of the window.

There's definitely potential on the concept, specially considering what could be done with having to use specific spells to some targets/objects. I greenlight it. x3
Thanks for your feedback!

Would be a valid hard setting. ^^
That's what happens when developers are the only testers and healing items are not implemented yet.

Arrows + mouse feels a little weird because generally on games you have mouse-aim you move on WASD, would be better to have it at a option if possible. (And because my lame keyboard doesn't have a ctrl near the arrows)
MinST's key configuration menu is something we can reuse in this project.
I just finished the demo and it was pretty cool for what it was! I liked the variety in spells, especially the pink and fast one, and the repel and attract spells. The difficulty is a little on the high side tho, I was playing on the easiest difficulty and I still had some problems near the end of the demo.

One thing I would like to see improved is the shooting mechanics. You know, that "feature" where the spell only travels to where the mouse cursor is and not further than that? I can understand why it works like that, so you can shoot at stuff in the ground, required for a few puzzles. But I find it so annoying that I'm shooting the enemy, but my spells disappear before they even hit them. Other than that, there's not much else that I can talk about. I would like to see how far the game can get tho!
Thanks El_WaKa!

I'm glad you enjoyed the demo. Yes, the fast pink spell is a lot fun to use and both the attract and repel spells make enemy projectiles fly in all directions (damaging anyone including the shooter).

There is no difficulty setting ("I want to learn magic" starts a new game. "I know some spells" loads a saved game but isn't available yet so it starts a new game. "Elemental control" lets you configure your control keys. "I want to be a warrior" quits the game as you don't want to play with magic). Are these text lines confusing? Should I change them?

The current movement system has a major flaw that reduces Lya's speed to 0 as soon as she touches any obstacle. This severely reduces your ability to doge, probably leading to excessive difficulty.

"Shoot at the cursor location" is something I need for puzzles and to give the ability to freeze precise water tiles to build bridges (or destroy them with fire). The current demo lacks a tutorial to explain that feature and to show that the best way to hit an enemy is to shoot behind it. You had to learn this the hard way while facing any enemies. Do you think you (and other players) could get use to this feature if a tutorial explains that you should shoot behind the enemy?
Oh wow, so they were actually different menu options? I had no idea, it really needs to be changed to make it clearer to the player (Though I also like the flavor text, there must be a way to balance them). And about the tutorial, it could be useful. Someone playing for a short amount of time will probably figure it out by themselves pretty quickly, but it's always nice to remind them. Especially in the early game for people that don't read the instructions manual included with the game.

I'm glad to see that my feedback was useful! I hope that someday we can see a full release!
What would you suggest for the following menu options?
* New game
* Load game
* Configure controls
* Quit
What would you suggest for the following menu options?
* New game
* Load game
* Configure controls
* Quit

I'm not really sure, but keeping the first word of each option and while changing the second word is a good start (New Journey/Spell/Anything-magic-related?). Though I suggest keeping "Configure controls" just like that, so it can be easy to identify.
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
I downloaded Lya and will try it out in a few days and let you know what I think in the gamepage, if that's OK with you.

Just wanted to let you know that I didn't forget about this! It's just that the "few days" turned into a "few months"!
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