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Game Design

I'm back on movement

I'm back working on Lya's movement system to build responsive movements and enhance her ability to doge enemy projectiles.

Lya's movement decomposed in steps in debug mode.


Wizard apprentice Lya for Linux !

Wizard apprentice Lya new download runs on Windows and now also on Linux. It has 3 folders:
- Common: contains graphics, musics... Don't delete this folder!
- Linux: contains Linux binary and its dependencies. Windows users can delete this folder.
- Windows: contains Windows binary and its dependencies. Linux users can delete this folder.

Wizard apprentice Lya stores all its data in the current folder and sub-folders. It will not store data anywhere-else, not even in Windows registry.

Progress Report

Toggle fullscreen on/off now available

Wizard apprentice Lya now has a toggle fullscreen on/off feature. This handy feature for streamers toggles between fullscreen (default) and 800x600 resolution, using the F4 key. In the "Elemental control" menu, you can configure another key to use.

Progress Report

Music, new sound effects and configurable keys

The demo now plays some music tracks and additional sound effects. I also added a menu to configure the control keys (actions run, confirm and cancel are for future use). To restore the default key configuration, delete the file "Settings.bin" in folder "res".
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