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Hollow Project (or, at least, its demo) was made in a month for the third McBacon Jam.

A hole looms above a mysterious blonde girl who yawns heartily as she wakes up. (But, not a cute yawn, like a waterfalls and snot everywhere kind of yawn.) Not long after waking, she finds another girl whose confidence issues and easily frightened demeanor are perfect for a sidekick good friend! Upon further exploration, the two are attacked by monsters, but saved by a crass, yet well-meaning man. Okay, maybe he’s just rude. Isn’t that another way to say I love you? No?

The trio resolve to fend off the strange wildlife of the multiple underground ecosystems as they find a way to return to the home they can’t remember. Surely there’s no plot twist waiting in that sentence.

A sullen, grieving figure watches them from the background. Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke.

Featuring humorous dialogue, a battle system dependent on learning skills from equipped items, and adorable aesthetics, Hollow Project is a story about individuality, the greater good, and perhaps a bit of how the two conflict.

Special thanks to Kloe for setting up a custom CSS for the game profile.

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"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
I'm excited! This is only our alpha build so far, though.
First (non-developer edition)!

EDIT: Yeah, this looks pretty fab. Congratulations on making the deadline!
@Luuishu Why, thank you - we pride ourselves on being very fab~<3
The all around prick
Subbed. Screens are looking really interesting so far. Can't wait to see what you all have come up with!
@Red Thanks a ton, Red! That means a lot. <3
This sounds great! Love the character premises.
Nice css! And the game itself looks great too.
Thank you! And thank Kloe~ (and curse her)
@Cap You're too nice, Cap. <3
You're magical to me.
Also subbed! Looking forward to giving this a play! Love the art style :D
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Also subbed! Looking forward to giving this a play! Love the art style :D

You can thank Punkitt and Bart for that. They did an amazing job with the graphics.
Oh, quick warning, apparently the demo Punkitt just linked to is broken. Gourd is now uploading the fixed version as a download.
Yup, the download is up in that big ole download button up there. <3 Thanks for the support, guys!
Thanks, byproduct! We appreciate that - Punky did a great job with the graphics.
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