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Deep within the Earth, under the thick layer of crust that holds the full force of the ocean, lies a village of Slimes. Within the Slime Village, only the Slimes exist. There are no insects to worry about and no vicious predators to teach them the meaning of fear. The Slimes are a carefree folk, harmless little things that live a life of imagination and humorous banter with one another.

Slimes do not have daily jobs. Their lives are truly carefree, though the Slimes have a duty. When Cavern Sky glows red and gold, they follow their natural instincts and fall asleep in their beds. When they awake, the Cavern Sky returns to its usual dark blue.

There is one little Slime who has a particular curiosity for wonders of the world. Her name is Daisy.

Help Daisy unravel the mystery of the Cavern Sky, and Grandpa Slime's great adventure!

The game has 5 zones, each with 5 courses of tile-based puzzles, NPCs with backstories and quests to fulfill, as well as the overarching mystery to solve, where Daisy must discover the secret behind the stream.

Maneuvre through environments of boulders, switches and barriers, keys and gates, vigilant eyes, seeds and plants, direction fixing tiles and vision gates, and much more!

Slime Village and the Mysterious Stream of Water is a puzzle game. It started as 3 people getting together because of the 3rd McBacon Jam, but we feel it has grown into something more. We would love to create a completed game out of this. Please donate a million slime dollars to the cause.

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Hyyyype. Disclaimer for those are seeing this page early, WE'RE GONNA BE SLIMIN' (prettying) THIS PAGE UP once the others are awake/home/etc. Until then, enjoy some of the pics I want to upload but cannot yet.

A lot of the pictures now are very WIP and will be prettied up in due time.

Edit: some more pics!

Edit 2: even more

Edit 3: We're currently writing a better description. That's if slack doesn't eat it again.

Edit 4: Officially listed as a developer and uploaded these images.
These tiles are cool.
And that is probably the longest list of features I have ever seen.
You're magical to me.
Subbed! This game is super cute! ^_^ I am not good at puzzles, but I'll def give this a play when its released!
Oh, man, is this a game where slimes are the main heroes?
I can't help beating the subscribe button up, slimingly!
So, Is this gonna happen?
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
So, Is this gonna happen?

It might!
Willing to pay actual money for a new kawaii pumpkin avatar.
Aww, is this dead? I just found this project page while being creepy and stalking users randomly browsing, and this looks like it's way up my alley. I really like the concept and the presentation. Do you guys ever intend to continue this?

Uh, if not, can I have the link to the jam entry you guys mentioned?
I just want to say the idea of the slime village and playing as a slime seems really bright and fun to me. :)
I personally would love to make this and I have tons of ideas. The game would change drastically from the tech demo. Cash and Jeroen are busy it seems and I have Cope Island but I'm very open to continuing eventually as I think it will be awesome.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I would be keen to continue this! If only my studies weren't so intense. :(
Maybe when November comes (my graduation), I might be more free.
Oh, what's that? Time ran out? How very sad.
I don't think I have much time to contribute much. But since this project is for the long term anyway, I can sporadically come up with puzzle ideas, probably!
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