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This remix of ABL contains upgraded graphics and sound and should be considered the definitive version; it has three to four hours of gameplay beyond the end of the previous release, which was entitled THE LINE NARROWS.

What was originally one game has been split into two due to the release of RMXP, so I'm marking ABL 2.1 as 'Complete.' Don't laugh! The second half of the game will be released in RMXP as LINE'S END, and will have a separate entry on RMN.

Okay, now you can laugh. ^_^

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  • Lys86
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
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  • 06/29/2007 05:07 PM
  • 09/09/2022 12:50 AM
  • 06/29/2007
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Dude, I wish you could add the RTP because it doesn't work on my comp cauz I don't have rpg maker 2000. Try fixing that please.
Search rpg maker 2000 RTP on google, it's not that hard.
I know that you're a lawyer, but you should seriously consider a novelization of this saga. I'm serious here. You are a fantastic writer.
man, how long will it take for the final episode to come...

when i replayed the game, I noticed that Kersh will marry Emily and then Talan's gonna kill her. Well, that's what the epilogue tells...

very good game.
Best RPG. 10/10 Total awesome music and story line mixed in crazy time line. Cool Games and system improvement. Great characters and no linear ways to end...Big WOW !
Great game. I finished this a few days ago.
I love this game, too. I first played it about 10 years ago and I really wanna play a full version of the game or at least hear the rest of the story. I love this game a lot. I've never played a game with a suspenseful story like this one.

The soundtrack is just awesome! I've never played a game that had even half the amount of songs that totally engulfed me in the atmosphere. And he did it with just MIDI while others use mp3, dolby surround etc.

When talking about graphics of course there are games which are better but Lysander can create a nice atmosphere with just the basics and that's more than enough for me.

Is there anyone out here who is able to contact Lysander and get some information on when he'll finish his game? I don't care which platform he'll use or if I have to play it again, I just want to see the end of it after ~10 years of waiting. >_<
I agree. Music totaly awesome i hear many of shmups music, and theme of "Escape from new York" at the beginning absolutley kick my ass but music in battles, action scenes make atmosphere much more better. I love theme "bath" from Turrican too. Battle System with many great improvements, and senses like in a real action, s-f movie. I finished this game 5 times and probably once more, or even a 10...
...Graphically this game make good atmosphere but how i see graphic is only one of the way to build a cool gameplay and atmosphere - for me graphic is ideal to story line and mini games. Like hundreds i waiting for line's end...few years...Kepp working on 2k/2k3 it's a gift man !
This game is awesome. I love the storyline and music and everything. 10/10
The graphics are okay; the part with Memosyne's house was simply hideous, but other than that, well, they worked. The PLOT, on the other hand, was BRILLIANT! -squee- WHEN WILL LINE'S END BE FINISHED?? -crries-
Muy buen juego, graficamente nada asombroso, pero los graficos es lo de menos.... la historia muy buena muy entretenida, de las mejores que he visto en estos juegos creados en RPGmaker. La musica, aunque midis, aguanta
...please...release LINE'S END already...we've been waiting for almost 10 years...stop this torture!!!!!...
I'm surprised nobody has attempted making a fan-remake of this game. Lys86 most likely encountered major problems trying to convert the game to RPG Maker XP, leading him to give up on the project altogether, which is why we haven't heard from him since. I think the only way we're going to see the end of this is if somebody else makes it.
give it up people, line's end isn't going to happen, if it was ever going to get released we would have heard something so put it behind you and move on.

I think why no one attempted to make Lines End is because they have no idea about the story it had many questions that needed to be answered and I know there are some here who would jump at making it, if they knew what happens.

Now if Lys would instead give someone whom he trusts the script to Lines End then I think we'd see the conclusion sometime.
I haven't played A Blurred Line in ages. Bout to replay it again.
I'm a dog pirate
Indeed -- this is one of RPG Maker's best games, but it might be slightly overrated. It's a lot of peoples' first full game experience with the maker, hence ushering in the nostalgia factor.
Please finish this game someday Lysander, we all need to know how the story progresses :P