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A BLURRED LINE v2.1 is on the following playlists...
Play List User Description
Grimm's List Grimlock Currently playing or greatly enjoy!
Play List ooelsonhass Default Playlist
Games To Try robb0226 Just a list of games I haven't tried yet but would like to play
Play List toonkuun Default Playlist
Play List Lawr Default Playlist
The Pride Quest of Doom orochii The mandatory, all-inclusive (?), playlist where our hero will become a way more awesome guy!
Best Rmk2000/2003 games TheRpgmakerAddict my rmk2000/20003 vault of games
RPG Playlist braincreator
Personality sinn
Carlos' Curator List CarlosDavilla Games that I enjoyed playing to the end.
Play List rncobernroxan Default Playlist
Want to play Ok_Impala Games I would like to play
Play List Crystallized0Rose Default Playlist
Play List Orangegoat72 Default Playlist
Play List ustiger Default Playlist
Play List Bossy704 Default Playlist
Play List desrrich Default Playlist
The J-List J-Man Those games that I have my eye on.
Play List MonsieurEek Default Playlist
Play List AkarithePeanut Default Playlist
Play List iozzilemu Default Playlist
Plan to Play Them HestiaHearth89 games I still plan to play.
Played LunaiLegends Default Playlist
want to play List mariam Default Playlist
Long Games Play List synthesis 7+ hours of gameplay
Play List cappuccino Default Playlist
Downloaded Skyviper Default Playlist
Favorite Games Completed eplipswich My favorite great RPG Maker games that I have completed. I highly recommend these games. They are definitely worth trying out at least once.
Play List HexManiacLover Default Playlist
Play List Necco Default Playlist
Play List dan83m Default Playlist
Play List Mizca Default Playlist
Uncle Hexatona's Playlist Hexatona (And Carnival)
Games that I like or have RogerJr Just interesting for me games
Games are my life Amayachibi Born to play games (^.^)V
That default playlist Frogge That default playlist that no one uses
Play List Zydin Default Playlist
Play List accha Default Playlist
Plan to Play Axcelaw
to play lpowll
Backlog Kett I'll get aound to it.... Probably...
RM2K Govinda Playlist
Stuff that looks good Flipperlolrs anything
to playy lil_dragon
Faves Alastair The best games on RMN
Decent Games eplipswich Games that I've completed, but aren't exactly my all-time favorites. Just decent. Still worth checking out though.
Completed Faenon
Games that make me squee Archeia_Nessiah Games that hit my favorite themes!
playlists 5 blackmagerocker93
Gone Viral kentona These games have gone viral on the greater world wide web-o-sphere
Games I love fantasydetective558 my favorite rpg maker games
Games I like fantasydetective558 rpgmaker games that i like
Games I finished fantasydetective558 games that I actually finished
To be played yukiri01 Will maybe play later
to play Fistula