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Another look at a legendary title.

A Blurred Line is one of the most acclaimed titles of the olden RM days; it's usually included lists of many favorite games and enjoyed quite a following in its heyday. Given another look, how does it fare?


The game's greatest asset is undeniably it's story. It draws you in right from the beginning, and the presentation and exposition is really top notch. The game's presentation of the global juggernaut, the Agency, and the people who live within and without it's reaches is superb. While the story goes back and forth between characters, the game's narrative rests on Talan, a seemingly regular guy who gets tangled in what will change his life forever. It's hard to encapsulate in words what exactly makes the plot so powerful and drawing, but it's definitely present from the first few minutes of the game, it always leaves you wondering 'what happened next'? The only significant flaw is that it isn't finished.

Rating: GREAT


Unfortunately, the game's graphics aren't a shining point. It simply doesn't look that good. The chipsets aren't used to their full potential, and the areas look cobbled together and sloppy. Some areas look almost glitched. The sprites usually clash immensely, and sprites used for monsters are usually the biggest offenders. It's functional at best and an utter eyesore at worst.

Rating: POOR


The gameplay is solid! The battle system has many creative twists and turns, and Talan's special ability really adds to the playability. Every character has their own 'something' to offer, and considering the fact that the game can branch out, it takes more than one playthrough to see them all, adding replay value. There are usually mini games and side objectives to be found, and they're usually rewarded in earnest. The large number of ways to complete the first objective in the game is tantamount to the time spent in making the experience fun to play.

Rating: GREAT