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A legend...and for good reason

There is a growing tendency towards a sort of 'revisionist' view of A Blurred Line. This is somewhat inevitable for a game of such stature and popularity, especially one that has such a unique place in the RPG Maker community, a place only comparable to 'The Way'. People point towards it's graphical shortcomings, datedness and other issues and while these are legitimate, ABL has, to a great extent, stood the test of time.

Graphics: 2.5/5
Easily the game's weakest point. There's nothing wrong with the particular tilesets or sprite choices used by Lys (though there is a bit too much RTP use), it's just that their placement often seems a bit chaotic and messy (especially the city scenes and the surl overworld) but these are not severe weaknesses, certainly not as severe as some people have made out. So, while the game certainly shows it's age, it's nothing that will seriously concern the player.

Gameplay: 4.5/5
There is nothing particularly innovative about the gameplay of ABL, but it does it's job admirably. Battles are well-balanced, the character skills are generally quite good, especially that of the main character and Sern, and there are enough mini-games and other distractions to keep the game enjoyable. As well as that, the game is quite non-linear and you often have choices that will take you on different paths, adding greatly to its replay value. While nothing particularly ground-breaking is to be found in ABL's gameplay, it still has everything I usually look for in an RPG and a bit more besides.

Characters and Storyline: 10/10
Much has been said about the characters and storyline of ABL. And to be fair, very little of it is hyperbole. While the concept of the game is brilliant in and of itself, it is Lys's execution of the story that makes this game stand out. The opening sequence immediately draws the player in, with the protagonist about to commit an atrocity and the villain trying to stop him, before cutting away to a year in the past. From there, Lys cleverly leads the player on, constantly revealing a bit more of the mystery while simultaneously introducing new elements. This process is paced wonderfully, with the result being that you will be constantly hungry to find out more, drawing you back to the game again and again. Finally, something has to be said for the characters, all of whom are well made and generally avoid clich├ęd archetypes. In particular, the villain is threee-dimensional while still being appropriately nefarious and the main character is genuinely realistic and sympathetic. You actually find yourself caring about what happens to him (A rarity for most games, indie or commercial).

Music and Sound: 4.5
Fine. Nothing fantastic, but consistent and appropriate for the game.

Years after it's original release, ABL continues to impress, in spite of criticism from some corners. With its great plot, likeable characters and entertaining gameplay, it's place in the RM RPG pantheon is likely to be challenged but not usurped.


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So you wasted time writing a review about this game expressing what a thousand other people have already expressed? Very good review, I should read yours more often!
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
Hey, this is a perfectly fine review. He's just as entitled to express his opinions about this game as everyone else is.
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