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Progress Report

Glacia 2019-2020 Edition

Hello, Glacians work for 2019 is beginning again on Glacia. Myself and DrawnActor aka (DarkBox) are putting the final and finishing touches on a special release we are going to be renaming Glacia 2019 or 2020 depending on release date. We are going to stream some of the development on DrawnActor's stream if anyone wants to stop by to say hello. Great changes and wonderful things are on the way!


We are planning daily development streams starting at around 10pm eastern standard time.

Progress Report

Redux Progress Update

Hey! We are still working on the Glacia Chapter One Redux and we are really excited about how much we have done so far. We have made so many exciting changes to mechanics, story, music, and gameplay that we cannot wait to share with you all. Compared to the last version we released, Redux is an entirely new game. New skills, new mechanics, new areas, tons of polishing and bug fixing, and totally revamped monsters!

The reason for this blog post, however, is that Regal and I have both run into a roadblock and are currently without computers to work on the game. We will continue developing as soon as we can. We are confident that we are in the home stretch, though, and Redux will be released in the next 4 months. Thank you for your continued support, and we hope that you will love Redux as much as we do!

All the best,

Progress Report

More Redux Alpha

I kinda wanted to make a long blog post about the state of the game. Include some new screenshots and talk about big changes. I'm just not there yet. I need more time to resolve issues and prepare. We just did an alpha test yesterday over the first half of Chapter One Redux. That of course has uncovered a long list of bugs/improvements that need to be attended to. I have been plugging away for a few hours every day.

There are a lot of exciting things our team has been doing. However I would feel a lot better about sharing it all when we are much closer to getting something playable in front of everyone.

We all know I can't make a blog post with no media to share, so! Here is an early look at a certain boss battle theme. This track isn't in its final form, but it's something to share. Also a reminder that Glacia Chapter One Redux will have 100% custom made music. Cheers!

This game isn't canceled, it's not on hiatus. Its in development!


Progress Report

Alpha Test!

Today was the first day of the Alpha test for chapter one REDUX and it went pretty well. We implemented some cool new things fixed some old ones, and had a fun time. I have no real idea how long alpha will take. Real life can always get in the way. I "hope" to start the beta test in about two weeks. I'll post new updates when I know more. Expect some patch notes and a trailer after the beta concludes.

Progress Report

Small Update on Redux

Just a small update. I'm still sifting through some game system issues related to being able to swap party members during battle. I'm currently also going over all the games towns/npcs. I'll be mostly redoing "Big Flame City" and renaming it to Ignition. After I have the party issues resolved I can resume my work on the new enemy designs. Finally after all that is finished, DarkBox will start to test play the game and revise all the games text.

Slow progress continues on Chapter Two development, but there is some progress.

There is so much already completed for Redux I'm going to release patch notes shortly before the release. Stay tuned for updates on Redux. I really hope to have more to share with everyone soon.

Progress Report

Chapter One Redux

Just a little update for everyone. I have been slaving away at the Chapter One redux. I confirmed that "missing" is a thing of the past.

I've made the quest systems in the game more dynamic. Sadie and Guild Hall quests get added as you enter new towns, instead of being gated behind completing the last one. You can now turn in any quest in any town. Which eliminates backtracking just to get your rewards.

I'm expecting to put out the Chapter One redux, sometime next weekend. I am currently working on a more dynamic monster encounter system. Next up is adding a tiny bit more content, and general map polish.

Darkbox returns from his vacation on July 8th to start going over some possible new feature additions, and to review all the game's text and dialog.

Last thing I need to do is a balance pass on all the combat systems.

Post any ideas you didn't see here you want to see in the Chapter One Redux. And of course thanks for the interest.

Here a new screenshot of the newly completed Port Firia. Port Firia is the last Firian city you visit in Chapter Two. Then its on to the unknown!

Progress Report

Glacia: Tales of Future Past

The beginning:

This project started out as a way to realize a dream that I've been cultivating since my early childhood. The original version of this game was actually a completely finished RPG Maker 2003 game, but when I began beta testing it, all of the project files became corrupted and I "unfortunately" lost everything. The only backup that I had was incredibly old, with basically nothing in it. I was so demoralized that I didn't even think about trying to start again. That is until 2008, when I saw an advertisement for RPG Maker VX. I bought it immediately, and began working on Glacia.

Since the first version was released, almost everything about the game has changed (for the better). This is largely due to the feedback and support from everyone on RPGMaker.net. When I first learned about scripts, they blew my mind. I've learned so many things from you guys that I've used to transform Glacia into something that I can be very proud of. Except for one thing....

The recent past and present:

My design philosophy has always been to try and minimize player frustration, however, there has always been a hugely frustrating bug that plagued the game. The hit chance for attacks was extremely inconsistent. DarkBox and I tried for about two years to find the problem, but nothing seemed to work. After completing Chapter One, I was extremely demotivated to work on Chapter Two because of it.

Well, yesterday, I managed to force attacks to NEVER miss, finally fixing the problem once and for all. The game was already balanced as if the massive miss chance didn't existed, so it shouldn't be necessary to rebalance anything.

The Future:

With this hurdle behind us, development on Chapter Two has resumed. Expect some updates soon in the form of screenshots, blogs and the eventual release of Act Two!

I don't want to promise a specific release date for Chapter Two, however, We will be putting together a reduxed version of Chapter One with a lot of long standing bugs fixed, soon. Such as the "Hit Chance" and the save folder bug. That should be finished in around 2-3 weeks.

TLDR: Hit Chance fixed! Development of Glacia resumes. An updated Chapter One with massive bug fixes in 2-3 weeks. Chapter Two to be determined.

P.S. I'll be reviewing 1 or 2 games soon from the site that don't already have reviews. I prefer VX-VX Ace games, so if you want me to review your game shoot me a PM about it. I want to make sure I am participating in the community again.

Two brand new areas I recently made: These are from the very start of Chapter Two, the first is Charcoal City and the second is Lake Firia.



Glacia V2.2 has been released!


This update changes quite a few things!
We have fixed some minor bugs, as well as clarified parts of the story in order to properly convey the ideas behind it.

We have added some new sound effects in order to better complement our game's unique style. Enemies and stats have been rebalanced, and should provide a more consistent difficulty level while playing through the game. Caves and forests have been given new lighting effects that just give a little bit more visual flair to the maps, as well as their respective battle backs.

We have also modified the overdrive images a little bit to make them a bit more unique.

The Firian King has been given an entire face set and sprite to match, so he no longer shows only one emotion!

The title screen has also been modified a bit, incorporating the new text style with its fonts.

Finally, we have added a swanky new save system which lets you know exactly where you left off with more detailed information about your save and a cool little screenshot of the area! Old saves are backwards compatible, so make sure you keep your save file before deleting your old folder and installing this version.

Hope you enjoy this update! If you have any questions, comments, or bugs please be sure to let us know!



    The day is finally here! A remastered chapter one has been uploaded for your approval. Three years in development to get to this point has produced an epic game that I can be proud of! This first chapter encompasses about 7 and 1/2 hours of gameplay.

If you have ever played this game before, please give it a second look! Almost all of its previous issues have been addressed. Also, it would be fantastic if every who has previously reviewed the game would update their reviews, as some are more than a year old and wildly outdated!

Please leave feedback on your gameplay experience, all positive and negative feedback is reviewed and addressed. Thank you, and enjoy the game!

UPDATE: Version 2.1 has been released. This fixes a couple of bugs that could have broken the game, as well as changes shift to toggle dash mode instead of having to hold it down. This update also changes the sprites and thrones of the King and Queen in Big Flame City, fixes a bug when forging with turquoise that removed all turquoise from your inventory, lowers the defense stat of most enemies past The Hamlet, consolidates the tombstone puzzle in the Wild Woods to reduce tedious walking, and makes it so that you can walk over the squirrel in BFC that sometimes blocks the entrance to the Guild Hall.


Beta Testing: 101

   So Glacia is "almost" ready! But it needs your help. I don't want to release the game with bugs everywhere, or insane difficulty. At the moment, the game's Chapter One encompasses about 7 & 1/2 hours of game play.

If anyone could play through the game in a day. Give their basic thoughts on difficulty, game-play. I would be in their debt! They will be also be thanked in the credits.


Ps. A sneek peek at my new battle hud:

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