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Glacia 2019-2020 Edition

Hello, Glacians work for 2019 is beginning again on Glacia. Myself and DrawnActor aka (DarkBox) are putting the final and finishing touches on a special release we are going to be renaming Glacia 2019 or 2020 depending on release date. We are going to stream some of the development on DrawnActor's stream if anyone wants to stop by to say hello. Great changes and wonderful things are on the way!


We are planning daily development streams starting at around 10pm eastern standard time.


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I'm glad to hear you are bringing this back, I always like looking at the mapping. I know the gameplay needed more balance in that very old demo, but I know you can sort that out and maybe have done so already.

Good luck with this!
ah, this is nostalgic, im guessing since you guys havent released it yet, it will be called glacia 2021 no?
well im happy to see this game being worked on again, ive waited for many years
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