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Looking For Bigger Experts Than Myself!

Hello Gamers!

Soooo.... I am aware that not too long ago I promised an update for Acrylic with some bug fixes and adjustments with the much appreciated help of you lovely people. Thank you all so much for your input! It has been so necessary for me, considering this is my first released game and all. It has been extremely helpful and constructive!

The update... well, it IS on the way. I assure you!
Most of the bugs have been fixed actually, though there are a few giving me some serious trouble. And rather than release an update with some basic typos and mapping issues resolved, I wanted to do it right by you folks!

In addition, I had some family issues to attend to out-of-state. I won't pry into details here, but they were unexpected and essentially a surprise to me, which is why things have been delayed and I have been a bit absent in my feedback. For that, I am really sorry. I am trying to finish the last of the fixes really soon here. I'm not quite back home yet so an exact timeframe isn't something I can really offer. I am hoping in the next week or so. Lucky for me, I have some limited alone time tonight so I may slave away to try to crank this out even sooner.

In terms of those really tricky bugs getting me...
If there is anyone more familiar with RPG Maker MV (I am sure there is, haha!) who would be willing to give some advice, that would be incredible! I am sure I am just missing something small... I hope! I'll detail the big spoiler-free issues below if anyone wants to take a gander at em! Otherwise, it's trial and error and google til I can get you guys a much better version of the game I love!

Again, thank you folks so much!
Happy Gaming!

Issues Detailed Below

The biggest among those right now is a chase mechanic... I essentially have an event that chases you and requires certain items be used when touched. However, there is VERY little time between these interactions to get away. Even if you offer Item #1 and it is correct, the time you have to get away before being prompted to offer Item #2, which you may not even have yet, is very short. Meaning, you practically instantly trigger another touch event and die a tragic death! This happens also if you are examining something else on the map, and the event comes in touches you. It's a bit unfair. The best way to show you is in this video. It is linked at the appropriate time. After the dialogue, "Oh Okay," the event ends but the next one starts up immediately with "Tessa, just wait!" without any real chance to get away. This leaves the player basically having to gather and solve everything before approaching the event at all.

Any tips on proper lighting? I am just DREADFUL, completely awful in this department. I am using an image overlay for the dark area when the player does not have a flashlight. However, it appears to be much too dark. Anyone have a different overlay or help I can use? I want it to be visible around you but not as clear as when the flashlight is in use. Check out this video to see the difference. Again, it is linked at the appropriate time of the video.


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For the first problem I'd use a switch or variable to control the chasing ghost/spirit. A switch can be used to tell the chasing event when it can go and when it should stop and a variable can serve as a timer for # of frames to wait before it starts chasing the player again. This way when you input the ghost's name and the player doesn't have the follow up item, the event could set the wait timer to 120 frames (aka 2 seconds) before chasing again, or when the player is checking another event or otherwise can't flee you can just set the chase flag to off.

The chaser event would have to be redone for this, or use a parallel process helper event that is responsible for telling the chaser event to do the chasing. I've never done a chaser event like that so I'm not sure of the exact best way to do it.

I have no sense of fancy lighting (this is what I did) so I can't help with the second issue at all.

Good luck!
I found another Bug.
If you first collect the ID-Card in the 4 School Floor and go in
the Developer Room (the red colored Room) to collect the Batteries
for the Flashlight it wouldn't go on again when you leave the glowing
Room with the Ghost in it.
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