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Final Version Out

So unless there's any game-breaking bugs left (which the game is completable from begining to end including side quests, so hopefully that's unlikely), this will be the final version. O:

(V1.2, If your game folder doesn't have the V1.2 on it, there's a patch in the 'downloads' section, or you can just redownload the whole thing and carry over your save file, up to you!)

I'll still be taking feedback and ideas and anything else you'd like to let me know/tell me. :3 It'll be super helpful for later games and just to have the conversation about it.

Thank you for playing my game! I'm overjoyed it's received such a nice reception. I'm glad it's brought enjoyment to so many people. xD

Now just to iron out my next game in the works that's hopefully going to keep going at a good pace. Til next time! :3
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