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Eulogy of an Insect is a highly stylized RPG- the entire world and its inhabitants are hand-drawn!

Nostalgic for her youth after the passing of her father, Charlie revisits her childhood home hoping to find some sort of closure. She instead discovers her father led an alternate life unknown to her- and left quite the legacy as well.

Although the game features the classic RPG Maker gameplay you know and (possibly don't) love, the game is anything but familiar. Rather than being a linear path from start to finish, dungeons are organic locations where point A could lead to points B, C, or D. Minigames are front and center, mixing up gameplay often, sometimes unusually. Random encounters are done with, as you can hit enemies on the map to gain the upper hand. Statuses, elements, as well as debuffs and buffs matter. A repertoire of different characters are at your disposal in fights- granted you're able to recruit them. A unique cast of characters with hilarious writing- characters are often snarky and dismissive.

The game is currently in production. A demo is available to download.

Latest Blog

New Demo Patch

The changes made to the game are down to the core of it- in the scripts and all, so the whole package must be downloaded. The good news is that old saves should still be compatible. As for what the changes entail…

- Normalized sound effect volume so there aren’t harsh/overly loud sounds, added some new sound effects

- Popups in battle that make everything much easier to see and to help the player realize what’s going on (as seen above)

- Yeti in the escape room offers to just tell you the code to the microwave computer for 100 bugs

- We also got reports of seemingly random crashes during gameplay- and we experienced them too. So, what caused these crashes? As it turns out, RPG Maker does not like it when you exit a scene without disposing all sprites and other bitmaps. And incidentally, a lot of Garret’s custom scripting was done in earlier stages of development and weren’t revised before release like it should have been. Fortunately, Garret is facing due punishment and is being beaten with sticks and forced to recode his scrappy rookie work.

But back to the crashes. Why would it matter if a sprite is not properly disposed of? When you dispose of a sprite, RGSS3 lets the program know that it’s OK to use the memory space that the sprite occupied. However, it’s possible to make a sprite “disappear” without freeing up the memory it uses. This is easiest to do when making custom scene classes that use custom sprites. The sprites will disappear when the scene is exited, but that memory space won’t be let go of. Then any time later, something may try to access that space. However, it won’t be able to, but it also won’t know what is using that memory. Then RPG Maker gets stressed out, panics, and crashes without offering up an error. So that’s been taken care of in Eulogy of an Insect. Hopefully all of it. Let us know if you still get such a crash, and David will find bigger sticks for Garret.

So if you’re looking to make custom scripts in RPG Maker, make sure you dispose of sprites when you’re done with them!
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  • 09/13/2016 05:27 AM
  • 03/23/2021 01:29 PM
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Subscribed. This looks like a super cool atmosphere so far.
Not sure why, but the name alone made me sub.
Ahhh the art!!! Such a good atmosphere just from the pics!!!! And I love the snow and wind animations!!!
Going to be exciting to watch this game progress
Okay had some unexpected free time so mini feedback.

-The hand drawn graphics are quite nice and something different.
-The Sound department in certain areas are quite cool, eg battle music, footsteps, menu selection and the overall soundtrack.
-So so happy there are no random encounters.

-Had a confusing moment at the start with static being part of the soundtrack, at first I thought it was a bad recording on your end but it turned out to be a design choice.
-Turn based battles seemed to be standard fare from what I experienced so far.

Slight bad quibbles
-The sound that goes along with the text is mildly annoying at first, as time went on I didn't really take too much notice of it.
-Even with the hand drawn graphics, it is occasionally easy to miss key features of the map whilst exploring. E,g The door on the opposite side of the room when you first enter the house... Also the greenhouse right next to it took me a while to notice as well.
-Collecting items from boxes is abit off. e,g the raw chicken can easily be missed and confused with the potato item box.
-After finishing cooking their meal, even though I was given the answer, still couldn't figure out how to use the computer's language to make that input.
- The one teacup guy is really close to the big dude. Didn't realize he existed because of how close they were to each other.

Anyway that's my experience so far. I like some parts to it but there's some slight navigation problems and difficult moments where I couldn't make out certain characters or environmental features.

Thanks so much for the feedback. The room with the computer code definitely stumps a lot of people so we've been discussing this. And it's hard to go back and edit existing maps but we'll be trying from here on to make things easier to see.
I'll also just remind you if the background static or textbox sound annoys you, you can use the built-in options menu to lower or disable these noises. Hopefully that helps. Are you still stuck? The code is
On the flipside of identifying doors etc etc. It did make me analyse the environment and admire the art style even more than I would've done otherwise. Haven't got round to continuing where I left off but I'll drop you a comment or a pm with some notes once I get going again.
Subbed! Hope it'll be finished sooner rather than later.
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