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From Next Door in the spotlight?!

Apparently From Next Door has been spotlighted! I'm not sure who to thank, but I'm so honored, thank you so much!

Also, the game has reached over 1k from the page alone (and 4k all around - holy crap!), so I'd like to thank everyone who played it, who Let's Play'd it, who watched someone play it, who left nice comments, who gave feedback, and who just supported the game in general. I hope I can make future games even better!

To celebrate, here's a sketch of Namie (thanks to my new drawing tablet, haha)

Thank you so much, everyone!


Korean translation is up!

From Next Door has been translated to Korean, and I believe you can find it here! As I don't know any Korean myself, I can't comment on the translation itself, but it sure looks good c: Thank you so much to casw for the translation!


Version 1.3

Added Version 1.3 with some small bug fixes and fixed some typos, as well as two separate versions with the RTP and without. I had tried making the game work without needing the RTP at all, considering everything's pretty much custom anyway, but some people were having issues, hence the two versions now. Please report if you find any other bugs!

Also, I would like to thank everyone for the amazing response the game has gotten so far! There's 700+ downloads from this page alone it's crazy, and all the comments and feedback and LPs also make me really happy. Thank you so much!


From Next Door Released!

The full game is out now! It took me about a month or so (there were a few off days), but here it is, my first completed game! I'm happy c:

Now I'll go back to finish another project that was on hold and then we'll see what happens (I've already got a few other ideas cooking up :>). Meanwhile, enjoy and happy spooks, everyone!


Edit: Updated to Version 1.2!


Looking for playtesters!

From Next Door is soon entering playtesting stage so I need people willing to test the crap out of it before I release it publicly! I’ve been trying to get rid of all the bugs I find, but this was kind of an experimental game for me so I need people to check if everything is in place and it’s not a total mess.

I’m looking for people who are willing to:

  • Playtest the game within a week or less (the game is fairly short, though)

  • Replay the game picking different choices

  • Check every nook and cranny you can find looking for bugs

  • Look for grammar/spelling issues

  • Give gameplay/story feedback

  • Make any other observation about the game that you feel is important

If you simply want to just play the game, I recommend waiting until it’s properly released, but if you are interested and patient enough in helping me test and iron out all the bugs, you can contact me through here or you can send me an email to spacezetagames@gmail.com

Also, here are a couple of things I’d like to know if you’re interested:

  • Is English your first language? (As someone whose first language is not English, I’d like to know if there’s at least one native speaker helping out with the grammar, although that doesn’t meant I won’t take into consideration what everyone else says!)

  • What would you like to be credited as? (I’d like to credit everyone who helped with the game!)

Also, when giving feedback:

Please do it as detailedly as possible so I can improve on it if needed c:

Progress Report

Menu screens!

Here’s the title screen! And there’s already an original (creepy, vaguely musical-ish) main theme to accompany it!

Speaking of theme, this game won’t have a lot of musicality and instead I’m putting all my stocks on sound design. No sound effect from the RTP will be used, and I’m carefully picking and editing sounds so they’ll fit best and to be honest, I think playing it with headphones will be 100 times better than no headphones c:

The game itself is very... dry. From the color scheme to the lack of music, I think that’s the appropriate word to describe it, haha. It's a very different approach I'm taking with this one, so let's see how it'll turn out!

Also, here are other menu screens I got done yesterday:

Save screen - a modified version of Yanfly’s Save Engine

And the Items menu - a modified version of this script

Item usage in this game will be quite different from Playground (my other game in development and currently on hold until I finish this one) - as it’s not puzzle based, you won’t need to select an item to use, just having it in your inventory will trigger the appropriate event (essentially, you don’t need to figure out what goes where). So this menu is mostly a way to keep track of what you have and what you found, because it is possible to miss some stuff.
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