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From Next Door in the spotlight?!

Apparently From Next Door has been spotlighted! I'm not sure who to thank, but I'm so honored, thank you so much!

Also, the game has reached over 1k from the page alone (and 4k all around - holy crap!), so I'd like to thank everyone who played it, who Let's Play'd it, who watched someone play it, who left nice comments, who gave feedback, and who just supported the game in general. I hope I can make future games even better!

To celebrate, here's a sketch of Namie (thanks to my new drawing tablet, haha)

Thank you so much, everyone!


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Aw, pretty much ghostish look of Namie... >_<
Though, I think she can get along with them in the next house. Wow, that was a happy ending after all, right?
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