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"You are JT, a man from a small town looking to become a knight for one of the most prestigious kingdom in all the lands. However, after an orb with unlimited power comes into the picture, the fate of the lands rests in the hands of JT & the warriors he meets along the way. Gather your soldiers, build your kingdom, & change the course of history forever.

Long story short, I've been using RPG Maker ever since the first version (RPG Maker 95) & I've loved it ever since! I decided to make this game because I missed the old tactical RPG battle systems of back then games like Final Fantasy Tactics & Tactics Ogre. I made it for fun, but I'm still curious to see what people think. It's not perfect & there's still things I will need to change before the final product, but it's a demo so it's to be expected. In the next version I will add a fully animated intro which will include credits (like Gubid who created the battle system & whoever helps me create areas). It's simply a passion project, hope you guys enjoy!

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The most beautiful user on RMN!

I might give this a look. Good to see more people putting GTBS out there.
Tactics RPG demo. 6 battles. The difficulty wasnt too hard but it's definitely a challenge if you arent familiar with tactics rpg's. The game crashed when my main character was knocked out.
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