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Legion Saga DX Demo - Duel

  • Arcmagik
  • 06/26/2020 01:35 PM


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Yuto: 1v1 me irl
Durane: no yoda i wont
Guardian of the Description Thread
Try it...

..this way (minus the "url" tags). Should result in...


*Edit: The code tag is terrible with this css, so, for the sake of visibility...
Marrend saves the day...

Thanks. That worked. I was using the direct shareable link, and apparently that's not what you put into the YouTube code... lol.

It works now!

So you know I thought I was done when I posted the video but it just tumbled into a series of changes to make... yay.

I immediately noticed a handful of graphic errors after the video went public instead of you know the 30+ times I play-tested it which have now been fixed.

After talking with Matt/Kamau on his Discord server about the video. I decided to add damage popups since the HP Label disappears during the zoomed in moments. That is also complete too.

Finally, I am changed the beginning text to pop-up in a tutorial instead of Yuto saying it. Anyone that has played Suikoden won't even need that but it's there for some people.

I'll come back later when I can record the new video and replace this one.
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