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Rmn Gem? Oh, you!

Just as the game is reaching a hundred downloads someone clearly of not sound mind has decided to feature it on the front page!

What can one say about such an impressive and unexpected honor? Is it my Secret Santa gift? I feel like my game could a should be better to be featured, also I'm immensely grateful.

I guess I should say some words about Pathway: Desire....

As most of you know (unless you haven't read the game page) most of this game was made in the span of a week for a contest, exception being the enemy battlers. So I won't deny it is a flawed product, even when it's my best one yet.

Graphically, the game was quite a challenge as I haven't seriously made custom graphics before. There was a lot of fiddling around and learning in the process, but I'm so very proud of how it turned out. I couldn't have done it without the help and support of the fine folks at one discord chat.

Gameplay wise I shamelessly borrowed from Craze's clearly superior Wine and Roses though hopefully it still retains enough of its own personality to not make it a mediocre clone. The dungeon crawling is pretty simple, as I wanted to focus on character customization and skill variety more than anything else.

Story.... is probably the weakest link of the game. While, this story has been in my head in one way or another for a long time; I left it for last and as a result it feels a little underdeveloped and rushed. Particularly during the final area. Now that it has been featured, though, I really feel like I should polish it and fill in what is lacking. I'm just not sure I can recapture the mood, but I'll try. Wish me luck.

Hmmph I wanted to tell some anecdotes and ended up excusing myself over the game. It was hard, it was stressful, it was hectic; but I had one hell of a week making it. Probably the best week of this year. I'm so glad I participated in this contest, I'm so glad I made this game, I'm so fond of its world and characters and I'm crazy thankful to all who played it, downloaded it or even took a look at it.

Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart. This wouldn't mean anything without you.

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