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The power of the crystals is fading. For thousands of years, the seven crystals have sustained the world of Surge.

But the land is now dying. The winds grows silent and the water goes still, and strange beasts stalk the land where once there was safety. The end of an age approaches, and the Young Kingdoms arm for war. The power of the Crystals is fading, ancient artifacts by which the world is held in balance. But there are those who seek to master the Crystals, and those who would break their power...

In the ancient city of Lufenia, four soldiers awaken. The Dawn Warriors. The Guardians of Surge. They rise to protect a dying world, as they have immemorable times before. By the light of the Crystals, the world may be restored. But are they the ones to restore it, or simply part of and endless cycle to which there can be no end?

Final Fantasy: Resurgam is a retro fangame, and...hey, wait, where are you going!? It's going to be good, I promise!

Utilizing retro graphics and cutting edge Fury Engine(tm) technology, FF:R draws inspiration from numerous games in the series while forging its own direction and keeping the player engaged through a variety of features.


Job System- Epic multitasking ahoy!
On-Screen Encounters- No more random battles, because I care about you and want you to thrive as a person.
Beautiful Retro Maps- I claim that they're 8-bit, but what's a few extra bits between friends?
Authentic FF Damage Formulas Scaling damage that probably works now!
Plugins from the Octopack- Features added from the Fallen Angel Olivia Octopack. Hold this space for more information.
Chocobo Breeding- In some form or another, I will make this into a feature.
Unique Story Connected to Existing Canon- But not shackled to it, the story is personal as much as something determined by a franchise. It explores unique themes and takes a critical look at elements of the canon, including that of the early series. Where I have disliked or disagreed with a detail of the existing FF universe, I have thrown it out or made it better.

Latest Blog

Question and sorta update for y'all.

20 animation sheets.
Over 120 animations.
84 weapon sprites.
229 character sheets.
125 monster sprite.
47 battlers (with so many more left to do).
Window skins, fonts, cursors, and icons.
And an unwieldy mess of tiles that keeps growing and mutating.

After 5 1/2 years of ripping and spriting, I've finally reached the point where I've got (almost) everything I need in place and functioning properly, and can actually start the game making part of the process.

Question: how many people would be interesting in a (closed) technical demo? Nothing elaborate and gonna take me some time to string together, but I'd be interested in getting some input before I dive deeper into the process. Most of the game mechanics are playing well together (and I'm not prepared to talk about many of them yet). But there are a number of bugs and issues I can't devise workarounds for, design choices I could use a second opinion on, and various other, well, stuff that's worth taking to the community. A fair bit of it is scripting related, so anyone with a bit of experience there would be appreciated (full-on scripting skill would be nice, but not req'd). But I'm happy to say that most of what's bugging me is decidedly minor, many things that I feel would affect the quality of the game but nothing that would stop development in it's track.

Curious to see who's interested, not gonna cry if nobody is. In the meantime, progress is being made. Probably time to update the game page a bit in meantime.
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Thanks, Suz!

Also, oh, crap, they approved it! Expect a blog post soon.
Didn’t you just start working on this and you already have a game page?
What do you mean it has been 3 years since I last came to RMN…?
But seriously looking good, anything looking like a NES game has my instant attention.
I suppose that depends on your definition of 'just started'. Glad you exist, I've always been curious what you were working on back then. Those castles were noice!
I am really enjoying the look of this! I love the look of nes games. Even though they look so limited, they really aren't. Subscribed.
If you do need any help with Pixel Art, I could definitively help. I have a few NES graphics that I made and some I ripped from that FF7 NES remake. Use if you like =)

Dawg, you just made me morning! Literally can't even!

Gonna see what I can blend in, but yes, these are definitely useful. Thank you. One less point of anxiety on the road to actually doing this thing!
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
This looks very cool! I'll definitely keep an eye on this one.
This looks cool. I sorta like FF1, I'm interested in seeing where this goes.
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