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You can now enjoy "Seven Mysteries: Part 2" for free on Google Play Store!

"Seven Mysteries: Part 2" is the second act of series Seven Mysteries, which contains 4 last chapters of the game. It's included in "Seven Mysteries: The Last Page", which available on Steam, by default. Besides Steam, you can also play the game on your Android devices, but because there was some limitation, we had to split the game into 2 parts. Part 1 is already released a few months ago, but now we're happy to announce that part 2 is finally here, FOR FREE.

Search "Seven Mysteries: Part 2" on Google Play Store or just simply click here. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback. Thank you. ♥


New project incoming and Sales.

Hi, the guy who's reading this. I want to announce 2 news that you might found interested in. I'm developing a new psychological horror game that features a combat system, called "The Room has 2 Monsters". There is no information about the game yet, but you can take a look at the GIF below. It's a move from the boss fight. Check its Facebook

The second news is Seven Mysteries is on a 50% discount on Google Play Store. If you're interested in playing horror RPG Maker game on Android, don't miss this chance. ;) Go to the store.


Summer Sales!

Summer has come. Get Seven Mysteries for a much cheaper price on Steam and Google Play Store.

Steam: Click
Google Play: Click


Seven Mysteries is now available on Play Store

Guess what, now you can enjoy the game on the go. The game has a 16:9 resolution and can be played offline.

Click here to quickly go to Play Store


Seven Mysteries is coming to Android!

Seven Mysteries is coming to Android with a 16:9 resolution, graphics improvement, touch support and much much more. The Steam version will also receive these changes once it's ready.


20 seconds trailer!


You can now buy Seven Mysteries on Steam!

Today is the day. I'm happy to announce that you can now buy Seven Mysteries: The Last Page on Steam. Hit the link below to go to the Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/783440/
If you guys want to help the game, feel free to share and talk to your friends about Seven Mysteries. Thank you guys so much.


Seven Mysteries - The Last Page will be here in 5 days!

If you guys haven’t known, Seven Mysteries: The Last Page is going to be released on Steam very soon. Add the game to your wishlist or follow it to get the information you need when it’s out. Hit this link to go to the Steam page.


Release date and Steam.

Seven Mysteries is now on Steam (but not yet released). The full game will be released on February 5 on Steam. You guys can take a look at it right here. Follow the game, add it to wishlist to get an announcement when it’s out, or simply just subscribe this page and read my blog daily. :)


The demo is now on Google Play Store!

Guess what, now you can play the demo of Seven Mysteries on Google Play Store!
Wanna try?

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