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Catch new updates on this game and more at http://legionwood.wordpress.com!

Note: Fair warning, this game is going on five years old, and I wrote it when I was 15 or 16 years old. As such, the story does get a bit cheesy towards the end and there might be inconsistencies/unlikely character quirks, minor spelling errors etc.

One Night is a survival horror game made in RPG Maker VX, released in late 2009. It holds the dubious honour of being the very first survival horror game made for the engine.

A frightening Resident Evil-esque experience, One Night challenges you to escape from "The Complex", a crumbling, abandoned research facility while being hunted mercilessly by the remnants of a long forgotten experiment.

Relentless monsters and difficult puzzles await around every corner - can you survive the horror?

Get the sequels to the game here: http://rpgmaker.net/search/?query=one+night

Latest Blog

One Night is now available on Mac!

Hot on the heels of the Legionwood Mac port that was released last week, One Night has now been ported to Mac OS thanks to the efforts of the Jammed Gears Productions team, finally making it possible to enjoy some good old fashioned survival horror on a MacBook.

I don't know anything about Macs or how to make RPG Maker games run on them, but one thing I know is that a lot of Mac users have emailed me over the years asking if a Mac port of One Night was available. It's nice to know that these people are now able to play the game and discover what they've been missing.

The Mac version of the game is available to download here. You can also check it out in this Youtube video:

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  • Adventure Puzzle
  • 01/19/2009 03:24 AM
  • 04/25/2022 05:20 PM
  • 12/11/2008
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I hate VX + XP characters, looks kinda odd, but I'll still give this game a try.
I'm waiting on MeguUpload for the download, should be out sometime today.
Sorry for the inconveniance, but I posted the required audio file under downloads.
Finally the download has been approved! I can now play this :)

I must be the clumsiest developer out there... When I compiled the audio archive, I mistook the file Thunder1 for Thunder01. I've released a new patch and updated the link in the first post. Just extract/place files in Audio/SE. That should wrap up any final problems with the game.

Check your thread, I get an evil error ... more clumsiness i guess :?
I'm so sorry! Damn, I was told this compression method would not miss out files. I have a slow internet connection, so I can only upload files 80MB and smaller...

I'm posting a link in all One Night topics to !Other3 as well.
Final Update:

I'm posting up a new, fixed download as I post this. Expect it to be up within 24 hours.
The new, bug free version is up! I've tested this one and it works fine all the way through!
Due to a soundtrack change I made in development, one of the files required was switched to another folder. After installation, please enter the folder Audio/SE and copy the file "+string" to Audio/ME.
I keep getting an error mesage thta kicks me out everytime i check the first door it says
unable to fund Audio/Se/029-door06

anyway to fix this?
You need to download the new download as it has all those problems fixed.
Or you can simply copy a different sound effect file (preferably a door) and rename it to "029-Door06"
Gaia, could you liked just fix everything and re-post it? I really don't wanna give this another try from the beginning just to get another error :(
Slow internet connection... I can't upload again for a month...
Please bear with it. It's completely fixed, there's just two files that got moved into the wrong folder during development.
like the look of your game but can you please fix the download so all the files are in the proper place
I will, but I can't yet as my internet bandwidth has expired (I live in Aus) so you will just have to make do with the current download which is fixed except for the two files which are included you just gotta move.

One of my testers discovered a discrepancy where a door event later on in the game is set to "Below Here", preventing game progress. Thus, I have released a new version with this bug fixed, and containing all the missing files to boot!

To those already playing old version:

You will not be able to continue once you encounter the shoddy eventing. Just download the new version and cut/paste your save file (savegame.rxdata) into the new directory to continue.
Puzzle.. annoying.

10 + 37 + 19 = 66/2 = 33

Not opening box.. red X hit =/
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