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One Night is now available on Mac!

Hot on the heels of the Legionwood Mac port that was released last week, One Night has now been ported to Mac OS thanks to the efforts of the Jammed Gears Productions team, finally making it possible to enjoy some good old fashioned survival horror on a MacBook.

I don't know anything about Macs or how to make RPG Maker games run on them, but one thing I know is that a lot of Mac users have emailed me over the years asking if a Mac port of One Night was available. It's nice to know that these people are now able to play the game and discover what they've been missing.

The Mac version of the game is available to download here. You can also check it out in this Youtube video:


One Night: The Ultimate Edition

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Hey there, everyone!

Who remembers the first time they played through the original One Night game? I played through it myself the other day for old times' sake, and I must say that I found it was in dire need of an update.

Since the One Night trilogy recently appeared on Wikipedia, and I've seen an increase in interest in the original game from Let's Players on Youtube lately, I felt that this was as good a time as any to go through the game and polish it into a standard as close to my later games as I could manage.

Thus, I now bring you One Night Build 5.1! This version of the game is a complete overhaul. The annoying monsters have been toned down, exploration has been made a lot easier and feels a lot more natural, the endings and their requirements have been changed to increase replayability (it is now much harder to get the best ending as saving Tiffany and Marchani now works differently), the dialogue has been rewritten to flow more smoothly and be free of errors, there are more scares and more tension than before and extra difficulty modes and other Easter Eggs have been added to the game.

You can access the extra play modes by entering special codes as the main character's name when starting a new game. Normally, these codes are given as rewards for completing the game, but as most of you have probably played through One Night before, you can grab them here.

EASYMODE decreases the amount of monsters in the game and starts you off with an inventory full of supplies.
HARDMODE increases the amount of monsters in the game and removes all Defensive Items from The Complex, making the game more challenging.
NEWDIGS allows you to play One Night while wearing Colt's alternate outfit from One Night: Full Circle.
MOREFEAR enables Flash style jump scares, which appear at random spots throughout the game.

Sound good? Maybe it's a good time to relive the original One Night? Meanwhile, if you've never played it before, now's the best time to try!

Progress Report

Massive Script Rewrite!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2011

One Night was first completed way back in December of 2008. That's almost three years now, and anyone who played the game could tell, as the writing was absolutely horrible.

Since releasing One Night, I've grown tremendously as a writer, and as One Night remains one of my most popular games, I felt it was fair to go through the game and touch up the writing. I've rewritten almost every line of text in the game, and fixed all the spelling mistakes and other errata I could find.
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