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Welcome to "Project Fire" - free adventure\role-playing game! This game is for the people who love good stories, fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk universes, and tactical combat in jrpg style. And yes, it's free for anyone who wants to try!
You can download and play it on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/526430/

This is a story of two adventurers - chaos mage Alex and pathfinder Maya. They are chasing dangerous enemy across the whole world, where magic came to replace long-forgotten technologies.

- This is not a heroic tale. You will not save the world. Sometimes you will have to do bad things to survive and reach your goals. How far would you go?

- Once humans came from the stars, and now they sitting in the dust. Discover the history of this world, hear stories and tales... Which of them are the truth? It's for you to decide.

- Explore hand drawn locations, that will allow you to dive deeper into the story!

- Fight mighty enemies that certainly will stand in your way - this is not a joy trip after all.

- Your choices sometimes will affect the story - but it will not be obvious.

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  • 10/04/2016 07:06 AM
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How long is the game?The screenshots are nice.Can you please let us download it from here?I really hate Steam.(just mt opinion).
I tried it. It's fairly long, because I couldnt finish it. Got stuck at the robot boss, because my characters are underleveled. Cant blame me, though, the entire game up to that point had only one place to grind which is the forest, but at some point you are locked into town and cant grind at all, not that you'd know that you would need it or anything. You can't grind in the area where the robots are because you have no access to any healing or shops, if I remember correctly. I'd probably try it again at some point. It's a pretty good game though.

EDIT: Finished it. Interesting game, it's not standard at all and there's some interesting stuff, though theres some lag in the maze that made it hard to see the movement in the field. Also the final bosses have too much status spam that could make the fight extremely unfair. I have one stat prevention gear so it wasnt too bad.
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