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Story: Protagonist Ulevo in the village to experience a variety of wonderful events. This day he woke up early in the morning, was invited to the king issued the order to discuss some of the important national events. You must go to the capital of the kingdom of the castle as soon as possible, you will encounter many strange events along the way, you have to help them solve their difficulties, help NPCs. This will be an adventure, full of innocence and memories, dialogue and plot large and not a fighting monsters or enemies, completely Utopian background story.

Languages:Chinese & English

Note:Hello everyone,I'm Ulevo. I'm so happy to make this game for you. This game provides two different languages, I have used RAR to pack the game files together. Why is there a Chinese version is because I am a Chinese developer, I take the Chinese version of the game as the basis, then the English culture of the game. Text content is my own little bit to extract, and then replaced. My English is not very good, so there is a basic version as a reference for me to make changes to the game. This game is not a finished product, it is only a Demo, but let everyone experience. Follow up will have more content to add to the game.

About:"No enemy, no monster (hostile monster)" this kind of game form is not novel, but the use of RTP RM2K material more able to reproduce the classic theme, so I used it, compared to other new material.

Latest Blog

Suspend the development of Ulevo RPG temporarily

Suspend the development of the Ulevo RPG temporarily, most of the game content have didn’t time to finish, I had to suspend it. The project should have been completed earlier than originally planned, but i missed that time. There are new projects, new RM2K3 games need to be completed, stay tuned.


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Please insert the font your using. For me the writing is not readable.
(I have installed MS Mincho, so it has to be another)
You can't do much more then talk to most of the NPCs yet.
The 3 quests can't be done yet.
I started the lost jewelry, the rusted sword and found the burning body.
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