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The slasher movie has finally been converted into a arcade game we all can enjoy. The time has come for you to prefect the art of killing. The towns people are no longer safe thanks to you. Become the legend and start a new era of slasher!

Play as the killer who is going around town killing everyone that's in sight. The game takes a unique approach at horror arcade games. Sneak around trying not to scare anyone away and screw up your chances at a new high score. You will be the slasher from summer all the way to Halloween night.

The game has ten main stages that will test not only you're sneaking skills, but how quick you plan a strategy for a flawless run. Each stage offers a little bit of a harder challenge while slowly covering a wide range of environments to explore. After completing the game you will be given new content ranging from new costumes, stages and more. Completing all ten stages will not be a walk in the park and require you to think about the best path forward!







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