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Game download is now unavailable. If you have played this game, thank you.


What happens when it's time for you to take up the responsibility of becoming the Underworld King, but you have no interest? You runaway!
Though getting out of the castle is not a easy task, with a servant or family member here and there everyone will try to stop you on your way out.

Help Princess Verbena make her way out of the castle to escape her royal fate. Talk your way out of getting sent back to your room, be persuasive, witty, charming, maybe even truthful to some!


There are 8 endings.

When going through the game there will be 3 choices given to you at one point, and they each have a different difficulty.

  • Library = Easy

  • Gardens = Normal

  • Throne Room = Hard

:Hint Guide & Walkthrough:

If you need help playing the game we have made a Hint Guide for you.

And have also made a Full Game Walkthrough for each character room.

|Talk Like a King Guide|


Please head here to check to see if your game is up to date: Talk Like a King Updates.


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Latest Blog

Talk Like a King Updated

v1.1.0 of Talk Like a King is now out!

We have fixed the game crashing bug on the Queen's route and have also added and fixed a few things as well.

What was changed:
  • Fixed the game crashing bug on the Queen's route.

  • Edited a couple of route's difficulty.

  • Added status bars during conversation.

If you have any errors with the game or maybe just need help playing through please post a comment below or visit our blog and send a message, and we will get to you as soon as we can.
Please enjoy playing~


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...I-is the game supposed to crash if you mention marriage to the queen?
...I-is the game supposed to crash if you mention marriage to the queen?

No it is not, we will fix that right away thank you for letting us know. : O
I tried to complete Verbena's route by following the walkthough. When i get to the end, i can't see the option "What are you doing?". I just see "Good luck, Verbena" "Is this a right idea?" and "Say nothing". What am i doing wrong?
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