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v3.0 Changelog

  • Milennin
  • 03/16/2018 07:28 AM
-Added passive skills. Each class has 3 unique passive skills that have a chance to get unlocked at 3 different points throughout the game. A character can unlock a unique passive skill by completing their class achievement.
-The class achievement for Warrior now requires the Warrior to endure 50+ HP worth of damage while under the effect of Taunt (damage counter is carried over from battle to battle, but is reset upon death).
-The class achievement for Ranger now requires the Ranger to strike 6+ foes using Nature Force (strike counter is carried over from battle to battle).
-Lowered the requirement for the class achievement for Paladin. (Now requires the Paladin to accumulate 25+ damage while under the effect of Martyr, down from 30+ times.)
-Lowered the requirement for the class achievement for Alchemist. (Now requires the Alchemist to cast Mad Science 6+ times, down from 10+ times.)
-Mage and Asssassin now get a count towards their respective achievements when a charging foe is defeated with their skills (Charge Shock with Mage, Backstab with Assassin).
-Changed the wording on some achievements for more clarity, and fixed a typo.
-Added an option to auto-skip passive skill unlock cutscenes in the options menu.
-Added an option to play the game in classic mode (disables passive skill unlocks) in the options menu.

-Adjusted the stats on most enemies and bosses.
-The duration of Charm state has been reduced to 2 turns, down from 3 turns.
-Removed the MP gauge for Minion.
-Lowered the chance for forest monsters to inflict Stun upon a hero.
-Replaced the text boxes with images for finding and using the Sharp Stone to break the prison door cell.

-Glaiviel, Lord of Evil will now break Seal Enrage when he enters Enraged mode.
-Updated Glaiviel, Lord of Evil's attack pattern.
-Aslas, King of Dragons will now break Seal Enrage when he enters Enraged mode.
-Updated Aslas, King of Dragons' attack pattern.
-Added an entrance animation for Engardien, Grace of Heavens.
-Engardien, Grace of Heavens now makes a sound when summoning an Elemental Blessing.
-Berserker will no longer stay affected by Dragon Fury's penalty after being resurrected during the Engardien, Grace of Heavens' boss battle.

-Smart Glow is now smarter.
-Player glow will now correctly disappear while viewing the manual or the achievements window.
-The player character is no longer able to step away, right after beating a boss.
-The ghost kidnapping the girl in the town no longer runs away with her off-screen.
-Guards will now be busy holding the towns' gates instead of just standing there.
-Fixed a passibility issue on the town map.
-Teleportation events have been placed across the edges of all maps.
-Fixed a minor visual bug with the hanging rope on one of the evil lair maps.

-Customised the game icon graphic.
-Updated the options menu.
-Added a missing sound file that would result in an error upon challenging Glaiviel, Lord of Evil.
-Renamed the Elemental Blessings to prevent a lag issue during the Engardien, Grace of Heavens' boss battle:
*Earth Blessing is renamed to Terra.
*Ocean Blessing is renamed to Neptune.
*Sky Blessing is renamed to Saturn.
*Fire Blessing is renamed to Mars.

-Options changed under title menu don't transfer over to a new game.
-Options reset to default when restarting the game.